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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Emily and her mom are discussing Aria's hair in the pilot when this line comes up
      "What kind of mother would I be if I let you run around looking like a goth?"
    • In "What Lies Beneath," Paige mentions that she should have taken wood shop instead of trig. Lindsey Shaw previously played Moze, who was pretty much a wood shop prodigy.
    • The Dolls of the Liars in A's lair are Bratz dolls. Janel Parrish was in the live-action movie.
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    • Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish are real-life best friends just like Hanna and Mona.
    • In "Love Shack Baby" Hanna tries to turn the music up in the car on a road rip to find Ali. Emily remarks "This is not Spring Break."
      • Hanna also has experience with guns.
    • In "Who's in the Box?", the non-appearing Spencer Expy is named Avery, which happens to be Troian Bellisario's middle name.
    • "The First Secret" has Jenna dress like Lady Gaga. Tammin Sursok previously did so on an episode of Hannah Montana.
    • Mary definitely isn't the first time one of Andrea Parker's characters has had an Evil Twin.
  • Adored by the Network: The show is loved by ABC Family so much that it released another series based on novels by Sara Shepard, The Lying Game.
  • Channel Hop: In Britain, the first season was shown on Viva very soon after its US debut - but after the midseason break it eventually started over from the very beginning on MTV. MTV dropped it after season two, but fortunately for British fans, Netflix came to the rescue, and the series made its bow on the service from New Year's Day 2015.
    • In Canada, the series aired on MuchMusic, which has also aired numerous other ABC Family shows (such as Greek and The Secret Life of the American Teenager). The series would move to sibling channel M3 in Fall 2013, and the final season would air on Bravo (Not to be confused with the American and British channels of the same name) in 2016.
    • While all of the shows have been produced by Warner Bros., the original show, along with Ravenswood and The Perfectionists, aired on Disney-owned Freeform (named ABC Family during the bulk of their runs). Original Sin will be the first in the franchise to air on a WarnerMedia platform, HBO Max.
  • Creator Backlash: Ian Harding revealed he'd had some issues with his character's Teacher/Student Romance with Aria.
    "One company dropped its advertising for our show in one of the early seasons, because they didn't agree with [a] relationship. And I was like, 'No shit, [Ezra and Aria's] relationship is illegal!' And Marlene said, 'No, it's not yours, it's Emily’s [same-sex] relationship [that's the problem].' So I could be seen as a statutory rapist, and people are like, 'I know, but love knows no bounds, as long as there is a penis and a vagina involved.'"
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  • Creator-Preferred Adaptation: "Preferred" might be the wrong word, but Sara Shepard, the author of the books, is a big fan of the TV series. In her authors notes, she mentions having regular dinners with Marlene King to discuss the show and she even dedicated "Deadly" to the four leads.
  • The Danza: Sara Shepard plays Miss Shepard, whose first name is probably Sara.
    • Confirmed in the opening of 'I'm A Good Girl, I Am'.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • All four main girls are played by actresses who are between the ages of 20 and 25. Maya is the most egregious example as the character is 16 but the actress, Bianca Lawson, is 31. Bianca Lawson also appeared on Dawson's Creek in 2000 playing a 16 year old at age 20 making her an original Dawson Casting actress.
    • Averted with Alison. Sasha Pieterse was 14 when she was cast. She's now seventeen, but since three years have passed in-story, she's still the same age as Alison.
      • Actually inverted. She was 12 when she got the pilot.
    • Also averted with Cody Christian who was 14-15 during season 1.
    • Tammin Sursok, who plays blind high school student Jenna, is 28.
    • Special mention goes to Troian Bellisario born in 1985 who is older than her teacher and her older brother Jason who were both born in 1986.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Chad Lowe (Byron, Aria's dad) directed "Touched By An 'A'-ngel," "Father Knows Best" (appropriately), "Kingdom of the Blind", "That Girl Is Poison," "Hot Water," "Into The Deep," "Who's in the Box?", "She's Come Undone," "Surfing the Aftershocks," "March of Crimes," ""Through a Glass, Darkly," "Game On, Charles" and "No Stone Unturned," "The Wrath of Kahn" and "Playtime"; Troian Bellisario made her directorial debut with "In the Eye Abides the Heart."
  • Fake American: Samara and Caleb's dad are played by Australians Claire Holt and Bernard Curry, Jenna by South African-born/Australian-raised Tammin Sursok, and Emily by Canadian Shay Mitchell. This is not the case for Alison because while Sasha Pieterse was born in South Africa, she has spent most of her life in the United States. And in-universe, Elliot Rollins is a Brit prtending to be American, played by actual Brit Huw Colliins.
  • Fake Brit: Because Alex Drake was adopted as a baby by an English family, she speaks with an English accent.
  • Fan Nickname: Over on Something Awful, the show is affectionately known as Tween Peaks.
  • Genre Throwback: This article by Zachary Paul on the horror website Bloody-Disgusting makes the case that the show is a modern-day TV version of '70s Italian gialli, albeit Lighter and Softer for teen audiences.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: It was shot on the same WB set as Pushing Daisies and Shameless. If one's seen both shows, it's easy to point out the set used for Radley was in Pushing Daisies, and if you look closely in certain street shots, you can point out the Alabi Room.
  • I Knew It!: Nate killed Maya
    • Creepy weirdo Toby is part of the A-Team
    • So many fans suspected Mona would die in the season 5 mid-season finale that they literally started to believe it was too obvious to happen, ending with them being shocked when it did actually happen. Then along came 'Welcome To The Dollhouse' which subverted that, by revealing Mona is actually alive.
    • "A"/Charles being a transwoman was considered one of the more out-there theories after it sprouted up during the sixth season. And then it happened. Weirdly, a lot of proponents of the theory failed to correctly guess which woman Charles would turn out to have become, even though Ce Ce, a character whose primary character trait is her resemblance to Alison, was the most obvious candidate.
    • Emily's stolen eggs and Alison's pregnancy are connected.
    • AD is Spencer's long lost twin sister, Alex Drake.
  • Killed By The Adaptation: Not only is Emily's dad renamed, he passes away offscreen. Also Maya, Wilden, Wren, Noel Kahn.
  • Lying Creator: Marlene King. She even outright admitted it when asked about why she stated Mona was dead when it was revealed to be false.
  • The Other Darrin: In the pilot Jessica DiLaurentis and Toby were respectively played by Anne Marie DeLuise and James Neate.
  • Out of Holiday Episode: The series has Halloween episodes during October, while its seasons air between January-March and June-August.
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Andrea Parker plays Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake.
  • Promoted to Opening Titles: Andrea Parker in the final season.
  • Real Life Writes the Hairstyle: Due to Lucy Hale cutting her hair short after filming Season 5, "A" cutting her hair as a punishment for refusing to dye her hair pink was written into Season 6.
  • Recycled Set: The exterior shots of Rosewood were filmed on the same WB lot as ‘’Pushing Daisies’’.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Pretty Little Liars Wiki.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Even though show runner I. Marlene King has repeatedly confirmed to have known who A, other A and AD were all along (or at least from mid-Season 3) the immense amount of plotholes one can discover once one re-watches the series knowing already who will be revealed as A(s) makes one think that Marlene was practically just winging it in the writer's room for seven seasons straight and when it came to a season finale and it was time to reveal somebody as A, she just drew a name out of a hat.
  • Natalie Hall (Kate) and Shay Mitchell (Emily) went to the same high school.
  • Shay Mitchell and Ryan Merriman were both born on April 10.