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  • In "Over My Dead Body" when Kate starts to hit on Caleb:
    Kate: That is a very handsome suit.
    Caleb: And that is a very pretty dress. (Beat) But it gives you back fat.
  • The Naked Truth from the TV series gives us several.
    • After the Liars find out that Kate was the one that sent that racy photo of herself in order to make Hanna look bad and get everyone to pity her, even going as far as photoshopping her head onto an attractive body, which turned out to be the dead-giveaway in the end, the Liars actually manage to outwit Kate by getting her to confess, secretly recording the conversation, and showing the principal the truth.
      • Subsequently, we get this:
    Hanna's Mother: (Clearly in reference to how Kate's mother was angrily accusing Hanna of something she didn't do) Before you go pointing fingers, you should take a look at the rotten fruit under your family tree.
    Kate's Mother: (Looks at Kate, clearly disappointed.)
    • Another good one from this episode: Early on in the Truth Telling Exercise, Jenna asks why she should forgive the people who've bullied her at school and when Veronica asks her how she's been mistreated, Jenna quips "How much time do you have?" and begins talking about the time she was cornered and attacked in the girl's locker room, painting the scene in a way that makes her seem like the victim. Veronica asks if she ever reported it and Caleb chimes in that if she did, she'd have to admit that she threw the first punch. He then asks "Are we supposed to tell the whole truth, or just the part we want to remember?" Seeing him put Jenna in her place like that was very satisfying.
    • At one point Emily tries to show how upset she is to the Principal for not letting her swim because she was arrested at one point. He angrily shuts her down and embarrasses her for daring to stand up to him. Then it's revealed that the lousy hypocrite ignores bad behavior from male students to keep the male teams at top condition and in exchange for bribes. Mona discovers this, gets evidence, and promptly puts him in his place.
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  • Hanna openly calling Mona out on how she hasn't changed in Mona-Mania.
  • Hanna slapping Jenna dead in the face.
  • "Hot Water"
    • Detective Wilden threatens Hanna if she doesn't keep quiet about his secret. Ashley's response? She rams her car into him. Lessson learned: Do NOT threaten Ashley's daughter!
  • Spender finding Toby's number in A's lair and using it to contact him.
  • Ezra refusing to let Noel blackmail him when the latter finds out about his relationship with Aria
  • It's a little sad to watch Emily and Spencer fight, but Emily calling out Spencer on her occasional Spoiled Brat attitude qualifies as this:
    Emily: I wasn't leading him on. I was being charming.
    Spencer: Could have fooled me.
    Emily: You wouldn't know the difference. You've never had to be charming. You get to act like a total snot rag because Mommy and Daddy have a safety net of cash to catch your fall.
  • Aria laying the beatdown on Red Coat. Those martial arts lessons really paid off.
    • A little less awesome as of "EscApe From New York", when we learn that the Red Coat in question (CeCe Drake) was actually acting as a diversion so that Alison could go save Emily without A catching on. In other words, she wasn't really Aria's enemy.
    • Except as it turns out Cece was 'A' all along and helping out as Red Coat was part of her Batman Gambit. In fact she herself came close to killing Emily in at least one other occasion in the past.
    • However, Aria makes up for it by taking out Shana, who was prepared to kill the other girls.
  • "In A Dark Ali" when Emily cuts ties with Alison:
    Emily: When? When wasn't I there? When Hanna broke her leg because of "A"? When I almost died in an elevator because I was trying to find out who killed you? Or when Spencer had to check into Radley because of everything your disappearance put us through? The past several years haven't been easy for any of us, but what makes it okay is that we stick together. We don't turn on each other
    Ali: I have a plan.
    Emily: Oh, I'm sure you do. The problem is you'll throw us all under a bus just to pull it off. I stuck up for you against Paige, against Spencer, against everyone. I wasted so much time on you.
  • Speaking of Paige, saving Spencer from the red queen on the murder train despite Spence accusing her of being 'A' up to and during the last episode. While we never get to see Spencer apologize for those accusations we at least get a 'Thanks' and a few moments in these two episodes that show they both respect each other at least and bond over their mutual affection for and protectiveness of Emily.
  • CeCe protecting Spencer from a snake with a mannequin leg.
  • Spencer calling out her father when he tells her to rig a tennis game for his future business endeavors. She confesses that an essay he entered as a competition piece was actually stolen, and that he was essentially teaching her that cheating your way life is the way to go.
  • Also, Funny, Heartwarming and Awesome all in one is Ashley Marin, Mama Bear extraordinaire.
    Ashley: Once I found out who did this to you, I will kill him. Then I will sue him.
  • Mona's final scene, wherein it's revealed that she arranged for her boyfriend to pretend to be a cop, and kidnapped Mary and Alex Drake— AKA AD— and took them to Paris, where they will be Mona's own living dolls for the rest of their lives in her basement, proving once and for all who the Baddest A in the Game is.
    Mary: She can't keep us here forever.
    AD: Of course she can! She's Mona.