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  • In the episode The New Normal, Emily is accused of favoritism for her being a lesbian by Paige's father because she was chosen to be captain. When Emily's mom finds out about this she tells him that Emily deserves it because she is the more talented swimmer and worked hard for it. Emily's mom then tells that her she cares about her and will always be there for her even though she doesn't agree with her daughter. Cue Emily hugging her mom and thanking her.

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  • Hanna also sees a picture of Emily kissing Maya, and tells her she should be herself, and that her friends will love and accept her for who she is.

  • In the episode "Over My Dead Body," Emily (possibly) dreams of Alison comforting her; Alison tells her that she misses Emily the most and that Emily was always her favorite, before kissing her. It's the nicest we've ever seen Alison and it's especially poignant given that Emily was in love with her.

  • In "Eye of the Beholder", when Hanna goes to the DiLaurentis house and finds it on fire with Jenna Marshall inside, she charges into rescue her without any hesitation. Pretty big of her, doing that for someone who she suspects is stalking/blackmailing her.

  • In one episode, A uses Hanna's mother's financial difficulties to try and blackmail Hanna into making Aria's mom run into Aria and Ezra while they're out on a date. Despite knowing the massive amount of trouble it will land Aria in, Hanna goes through with it, but immediately wants to and tries to take it back. Then A sends a text to Aria implying Hanna backstabber her. What's Aria's reaction? She shows it to Hanna, saying she thinks A is clever to try to turn them against one another. It's more than a little heartwarming that she thinks Hanna would never do that to her (though she didn't know Hanna's circumstances at the time).

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  • Spencer tops the above with her Take My Hand! moment in "UnmAsked". Basically, she tries to save the life of someone she knows stalked and blackmailed her and tried to kill her.

  • A minor one from "It Happened That Night": Hanna visiting Mona in Radley Sanatorium, trying to fix things between them.

  • Oh, Caleb...
    Caleb: And for the record, Hanna, I'm gonna protect you from A. I'm not asking for your permission.
    (They kiss.)

  • When the three liars confront Spencer about her apparent betrayal. Not only are they not willing to believe she had betrayed them, she actually tells them the truth about what is going on. I had expected the show to throw in a twist, but no, just four best friends who trust each other despite all of the terrible things that have happened to them.

  • Paige and Emily in 3x08, the pool scene.
    Paige: I’m sorry.
    Emily: It wasn’t your fault.
    Paige: I shouldn’t have let it happen. It was wrong. If I ever find out who put that stuff in your flask, I swear, I’ll kill them.
    Emily: Don’t say that.
    Paige: I mean it.
    Emily: I don’t want you to say it. I don’t want you to mean it. I want you to listen.
    (Emily steps closer)
    Emily: I haven’t been with anyone since Maya. I haven’t even thought about it. Or at least I didn’t think I was thinking about it. I was drunk that night, and I got lost.
    (Paige glances away and nods)
    Emily: Only I didn’t really get lost. I was looking for something. I was looking…for somebody.
    (Paige's eyes move back to Emily, looking hopeful)
    Emily: And I came here.
    (Paige's whole face lights up, but she looks down and takes a breath, trying to control herself)
    Emily: *puts a hand on Paige's neck and makes her look up* Don't look away.
    (Paige gives her a lovestruck smile and they kiss)
    • Heather Hogan puts it best:
    The central conflict of human life can pretty much be summed by a self-hating rant the Apostle Paul goes on in the book of Romans, during the middle of which he lays down this tongue twister: “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” That’s the kind of conundrum most writers wouldn’t be ballsy enough to throw at even the main-est of main characters — hell, it took Terrence Malick years to explore that concept in The Tree of Life — much less a supporting minority character. But that nuanced enigma is Paige’s whole entire deal: What happens when you hate the thing you want? Then hate the embodiment of your desire? Then fall hopelessly in love with her?
    She could tell you her despair, and you could tell her yours. She could reach for your hand, and you could reach for hers. You could try to choke her out like a fever dream, she could try to push you out of the closet. You could ride your bike for miles in the rain to tell her that you’re sorry; kiss her at precisely the wrong moment, then tell her that you’re sorry; upend a pile of birthday cupcakes looking for a goddamn coconut one, then tell her that you’re sorry. You could get it all wrong. Always, always wrong. Not understanding what you do. Doing the thing you hate. And then one night, by the light of the moon, she could crack you open and coax out your shame and demand that you look at it, look at her. And you could finally — even just for a moment — stop hating yourself for wanting.

  • "A is for A-l-i-v-e":
    • Hanna and Mona, brought together by their current situation, are hanging out and shopping together like old times. After the shopping trip, Hanna tells Mona that she had fun. Mona responds that she knows Hanna didn't really have fun and that she was only hanging out with Mona to get the incriminating video of Ashley that Mona pulled out of Detective Wilden's car. What does Mona do next? She hands over the chip with the only copy of the video on it and advises Hanna to burn it. No blackmail, no demanding anything in return, none of the usual Mona tricks. She just gives it up. The whole moment is capped off by what she says to Hanna before leaving:

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  • Mrs. Grunwald confirms that Ali is alive, but tells the girls that she's trying to figure out who she can trust. Their response is basically that Ali can trust them, no matter what. Even though Emily is the one to say it aloud, it's clear that she speaks for all of them.

  • Hanna asking Caleb to stay in Ravenswood and help Miranda at the end of "Grave New World", especially since she acknowledges that Miranda is beautiful enough for him to fall for, but she trusts that he won't.

  • In "Love ShAck Baby", Hanna reveals that she once hooked up with Aria's brother Mike. We see a brief flashback where Alison says that Aria would never forgive Hanna for that. Cut to the present day: Aria not only forgives Hanna, but her shock at the news takes a back seat to her concern that Hanna is still upset about something.
  • The end of "Hot for Teacher", but it's also a tearjerker: Alison has been keeping an old photo of herself and the Liars in her wallet for over a year since she disappeared. For all the Alpha Bitch-esque behavior she displayed in the past, she genuinely cares for them.
  • When Emily confronts Mona about her break-up with Mike, Mona confesses that Ezra asked her to get close to him in order to spy on Aria. Then she reveals that she actually fell in love with him and broke up with him so that he wouldn't get hurt.
  • In "A is for Answers", Ali tells the girls everything she knows about the night she disappeared and about A, but says that she'll have to go into hiding again if they can't figure out A's identity. When the alotted time is up and they're no closer to figuring it out, they all plead with Ali to stay and let them help. Considering that she didn't always treat them right, she has a pretty loyal group of friends.
  • Even though Hanna is smashed drunk, Lucas & Hanna talking about his girlfriend and how Lucas is now 'getting some', is pretty cute considering their Ship Tease history.
  • The friendship between Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer is pretty heartwarming. While they do end up lying to each other from time to time, either because out of fear of what "A" might do to the girls' or their other loved ones if their secrets were ever exposed or because they truly think it's the best option, the Liars aren't intentionally malicious towards each other. There isn't a second that goes by where it's not clear that not only are these girls the best of friends, but that there isn't anything they wouldn't do for each other if it meant that they would be safe and out of harm's way.
  • A meta-example for the books: The dedication to Deadly reads "To Lucy, Shay, Troian, and Ashley." Ultimate proof that Sara Shepard has given the adaptation her blessing.
  • The girls are saved from a house fire in 3x24. Hanna catches a glimpse of her savior, Alison. Her immediate response to Hanna opening her eyes is a very genuine, "Oh thank God!"
    • Another is the Season 4x13 episode where the girls see a very alive Alison right in front of them. Incredibly brave of her to do since she's on the run with a target on her head. The girls also have the appropriate mix of fear and sadness, but also relief and happiness at seeing her again.
  • In "Game Over, Charles" when A is about to jump off a building, Ali manages to save her by saying her real name Charlotte
    • Also from the same scene, Barry tells his fellow officer to hold their fire. It's refreshing with all of the real life police drama to see a cop with a strong sense of morality.
    • In general, the Liars' determination to help A/ Charlotte, even when they have every reason to hate her.
    • Alison also convinces her not to commit suicide by calling out her real name.
  • Maya decorates her room into a water-like fantasy for Emily during her injury.
    Maya: If they won't let you in the water, I can always bring the water to you.
  • The girls also sneak Maya into Spencer's room before she's sent off so Emily can see her before she leaves.
  • Aria wanting her mom to move on after her divorce by making her a profile on a dating site. When Ella finds out, she tells Aria that she can leave the page up.
  • Caleb is taken in for questioning with his laptop containing incriminating evidence. Spencer is desperately trying to get Hanna to remember the password until she realizes it's the night they first slept together.
  • Lucas letting Caleb stay with his family while he was homeless.