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The Major is actually Japanese who is residing in a Caucasian female cybernetic body
The Major is known for hijacking or possessing several cybernetic bodies throughout the franchise so it's possible that Scarlett Johansson just posed as the Major's main body and her real self is actually Japanese who might be played by Rila Fukishima in the flashbacks probably. And based on what Kuze said in the trailer, it's possible that the Major's life is an entire facade believing that she's Caucasian who got into an accident and got a cybernetic body only to turn out that she's really Japanese but got forced into a Caucasian body and modified her memories thinking that she's white (which could be a huge Take That! on the controversial whitewashing practice).
  • Confirmed. However, a lot of the movie's detractors were unhappy that the movie doesn't make this an explicit Take That!. Motoko doesn't express any outrage over her whitewashing in particular.
The surnames Kellien, Cummings, etc. Coupled with The Major's refugee backstory imply some world-shaping crisis in the Anglosphere.
If Kuze is indeed the villain of the film, Kazundo Gouda will be revealed as either the Greater-Scope Villain or The Man Behind the Man.
Since in the anime, Kuze was a part of the Individual Eleven that Gouda had created in an attempt to destroy the Japanese government and destroy the illusion that mankind had achieved perfection through cybernetics, it would only make sense if Gouda himself was a part of this movie as a government official who either:
  • Backs Kuze's actions financially for what he promises, then just sits back and watches the carnage unfold, or
  • Turns out to have been Kuze's boss the entire time, giving him orders while attracting no one's attention (showcasing his Inferiority Superiority Complex)
It wouldn't be surprising if he showed up as a villain for The Stinger, either. Especially if they bring him in, and Kuze is indeed the villain (or in this case, The Heavy).
  • Jossed. Gouda doesn't feature, Kuze is a combination between his SAC persona, the Puppet Master and a Psycho Prototype.

The Tachikomas or any variation of them are Adapted Out
You noticed that there's no Tachikoma (or any variation of them like Logicoma or Fuchikoma) in the trailers or the promos. They might show it in the movie though it's probably a spider tank that the Major will be fighting not the cutesy spider robots that Batou adored. The reason for not including them in the movie is probably because they might be very expensive and difficult to recreate them in live-action form. Also, talking spider tanks with Moe-voices can be a big turn off to the Western audiences. Finally; the film seems to be taking its overall tone from the 1995 film which also lacked Tachikoma.
  • One of the newer TV spots shows a very brief clip of some sort of Spider Tank, though it appears to more closely resemble the think tanks at the end of the first movie.
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  • Confirmed, no Tachikomas.

The Puppet Master will turn up somewhere
And his creepy Robot Girl body will be played by Thora Birch.
  • Jossed, sort of. The Puppet Master's role in the story line is fulfilled by Kuze, no Robot Girl body.

If any sequels are made, the Major will be played by a different actress each time
It'll be a Running Gag similar to Mad Max's car with her cybernetic body getting smashed up and replaced with a new one early in each film. For extra points, each actress is from a totally different ethnic background.

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