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  • The Major's Establishing Character Moment is when she does her famous free fall similar to the original movie. She then jumps through a window, shown in slow-motion, shooting at the attackers while invisible.
  • While handcuffed to a pole at a Yakuza nightclub, the Major retorts to her captors, "I wasn't built to dance". She and Batou then mop the floor with the gangsters.
  • The Major's fight with Cummings, which is exactly like the fight in the original movie.
  • The entirety of Section 9 gets one of these in the climax when they manage to kill the assassins sent after them.
    • A group of hitmen sneak up on Batou while he's sitting out on his balcony having a beer. A camera cut to another angle shows him readying a gun in his lap, with the implication that he's about to take them by surprise.
    • Togusa, meanwhile, is sitting with his back to the door in a restaurant, but is revealed to have a napkin dispenser angled to use as a mirror, and gets the drop on his hitmen via quickdraw.
  • The Major's final battle with the Spider Tank, where she survives and evades volleys of gunfire and missiles before climbing it and disables it by tearing off a hatch at the cost of her left arm.
  • Saito snipes a helicopter with one shot, just before its crew fires on the Major.
    Aramaki: Is the Major safe?
  • Chief Aramaki gets a few badass moments.
    • In the aforementioned hit on Section 9, we see Aramaki loading a revolver. When the mercenaries fire on Aramaki's car, he promptly ducks, then comes out of the car moments later, killing the men. When he confronts the last assassin, he says "Don't send a rabbit to kill a fox", moments before killing him.
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    • Aramaki executing Cutter with authorization from the Major, an echo of the verbal consents that she had given earlier in the film only to be told that Hanka never needed them.


  • The scenes when the Major hunts down Lee for an assassination attempt was recreated shot by shot from the original manga. Even the critics mention it, showing the crew's dedication.


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