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Jason (As well as Morton) wear glasses similar to Dave.
Both Jason's and Morton's glasses are opaque. Thus, both sets of glasses have H.U.D's in them. They are nerds, after all.

Not all glasses in the strip look like theirs. Phoebe's glasses are transparent. Thus, theirs are special.

Think about it; he's afraid of being seen interacting with girls to an extreme and impractical extent, even for a ten year old boy. But the real evidence comes from his dream sequences; one seems to suggest that, at some subconscious level, he has a repressed desire to be Lara Croft; another time, he dreamt that he turned into a girl and started to like it.
  • The Lara Croft thing was a result of his brother playing the game right before Jason went to bed, and the other was the result of reading Metamorphosis before bed. You read Kafka and not have a weird dream, I dare you.
    • Presumably, Andy's cuisine might not be complementary to having decent dreams if any odd influence is shown immediately prior to bed.

Jason is a Time Lord.
His TARDIS is the iFruit. That's why he's often on it, and also why Paige knew who was voted of "Survivor", Peter read the next day's "Doonesbury", and Jason downloaded the "Attack of the Clones" soundtrack 2 weeks early, all from the iFruit in one strip. Whenever the year ends, he travels back in time to the beginning of it, because he's comfortable being 10 and never wants to grow up, hence why no one ages. The reason many current events and movies occur in the strip is because Jason travels to the future to witness them. Oh, and the last panel of this strip wasn't imaginary- it was Jason traveling 11 or 21 years in the future to see his grown-up self.
  • Also, his love and knowledge of dinosaurs comes from having lived in the Jurassic during his first reincarnation.
  • In his second reincarnation, in the 1500's, he was Leonardo da Vinci and Marcus was King Cheops. That's why the snow dance they once did made it snow and closed school two days later.
Jason will eventually (like when he's an adult) travel to other Universes.
Whether this happens or not you have to admit it'd be pretty cool...especially if he ended up in Fallout.

Jason is Milo Bloom.
They are both skinny, short, nerds who wear glasses. They're both from popular Newspaper Comics, and they both have blond hair. Compare this with this.
  • Also, Marcus is Oliver. Not only are they both black nerds, they have the same last name: Jones.
  • The reason Milo was on a bus in the 2nd-to-last Outland strip was because he was moving to Illinois, setting up Foxtrot.
  • And the Banana Jr 4000 was an early version of the iFruit.
  • If this were true, Jason's hacking attempts wouldn't always end in Epic Fails.

Jason and the Peanuts characters go to the same school.
Come on, the Peanuts characters HAVE been seen in Foxtrot on two occasions.
  • Eileen is The Little Red-Haired Girl. Get rid of the freckles, replace the Sphere Eyes with Black Bead Eyes, and you've got pretty much my mental image of her.
  • As for Marcus? Franklin, of course. Franklin is just his middle name. (He never was given a Canon last name, after all...)
    • Although given what little personality Franklin actually has, it's established that he at least has common sense, something that Marcus typically lacks.

Bill Amend is a Brony

At some point after her final appearance, Denise regained her eyesight
...and promptly broke up with Peter when she discovered what kinds of posters and calendars he had in his room, hence her vanishing entirely from the strip.

He's got the overconfidence down, and the rest can be explained by Gilderoy's memory being obliviated. Roger's Walking Techbane tendencies are the result of subconscious magic.
  • Except Harry Potter already exists in the Foxtrot universe.
  • Yeah, but I think J.K Rowling is a wizard who wrote a notable series of history books, which were re-released in the Muggle community as fiction.

Jason successfully hacked the Mom-Vo before Peter brought up the idea
  • Jason was complaining less than Peter and Paige about the Mom-Vo. Odds are that he hacked it so he could watch his shows while leaving his siblings high and dry. It wasn't until the Mom-Vo crossed that fine line into Cold-Blooded Torture that he chose to hack it for them. His complaint that is was dangerous to hack the device was refering to how many times it is hacked, as it is easier to hide a couple of channels than it is to hide enough to entertain three people with interests as disparate as the Fox siblings.
    • Jossed. They were all complaining about it equally.

Peter Fox's absolutely insane driving is him studying Crazy Manuevers to become a Crazy Taxi driver.
  • And considering how much flak his family (i.e. His parents and Paige) gives him for his recklessness, they will soon eat their words when he consistently reaches the Crazy Ranking and $20,000 dollars daily for "flirting" with four digit speeds and replicating a zero-G effect, making him a quick millionaire.

Jason is autistic.
  • Jason occasionally takes things literally, often to joke, but also in contexts where it wouldn't make sense to. When Jason gets stitches and Andy tells Roger his stitches will burst if Jason hugs him tighter, Jason doesn't object but says to do it front of a mirror.
  • Jason has a horrible sense of balance (He fell off the roof), and can only reliably throw snowballs. He can't seem to throw any other kind of ball.
  • Eileen manages to trick Jason several times, without him even realizing. She gloats about having a Charizard card, and uses it to bribe Jason (field trip arc). In one strip, she tricks him into giving her a box of chocolates (I wish I remembered the date on this, it's pretty funny)
  • Jason is frequently called weird by his family members, and Andy is concerned about the intensity of his interests.