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Christine was Dead All Along
She died during the garage attack. The entire rest of the movie was a Dying Dream as Mrs. Ganush dragged Christine's soul to Hell with her.

The Lamia is a Deadite.
When people get possessed by the Lamia, their facial features distort, they threaten to eat souls, and they can levitate. It doesn't want to drag Christine to Hell, just to the Worlds Beyond.

The Lamia is Ai Enma.
The three days in the movie are just a very long banishing sequence. Alternatively, the Lamia is actually the spider, fulfilling a request while Ai is on a job somewhere else. This would also explain the kid's (rather sadistic) damnation since the spider is not only Ai's boss but also the Lord of Hell in Hell Girl and also kind of a prick.

Clayton didn't see Christine get dragged off to hell
He actually just saw her get run over by the train. Likewise, Shaun San Dena saw the Mexican boy die from his fall off the balcony. The vision of them being dragged to hell is only what Christine and the Mexican boy saw, not the bystanders.

  • Jossed, Shaun San Dena clearly reacts to the Lamia grabbing Juan and dragging him to Hell.

The Ganush clan is also damned
Using this curse may satisfy pride of place, but for anything other than avenging a murder or like crime, it places you and all you hold dear in the pocket of the demon you summon. This was also why giving the button away to Sylvia was pointless. By invoking this over a relative slight, she was already headed downstairs, and this caused the seeming mistake that shaped the ending.
  • I wholeheartedly agree. Well, at least in regards to Sylvia. If you condemn someone to Hell just because they're foreclosing on your home after REPEATED warnings, then you're pretty much damned as well. I hope Christine makes Sylvia's eternity AWFUL.
  • Related to Hell Girl WMG above, it is possible that Ganush family actually formed the in-universe counterpart of "Hell Correspondence" with Lamia. This gives them power to curse anybody who wronged them, at the price of their own damnation after death.

Christine and the Mexican boy don't stay in Hell for long.
Yes, they both get dragged to Hell. However, Hell is meant as the ultimate punishment for bad people. God eventually steps in and tells the Devil that, no, these souls aren't evil enough to belong here. Christine and the Mexican boy will never be able to forget their time spent in Hell, but they are taken to Heaven (or Purgatory) while Sylvia (and anybody who does the same thing) probably aren't going to be able to repent in time.

Just let me have my Bittersweet Ending.

  • This is what happens. No one can tell me otherwise.
  • This troper agrees with you, 100%. Deity would never let the non-evil go to Hell.
  • Maybe the way curse's magic (or at least its final stage) is actually just an induced illusion of hell, meant to mentally torment the victims.
    • Or, if not an illusion, the way they are killed. We see them being physically dragged to Hell (and surviving/melting) but the moment they arrive there, God takes their soul (no way a twelve year old kid would spend even a second there). It is a terrible death, yes, but that's all it is. The Ganush clan has no idea of this and the demon will never tell them: Lamia probably hopes the victim of the curse will do something sinful to get out of it (such as condemning another innocent soul to save themselves) and, meanwhile, Lamia gets the souls of those who make use of the curse.
The entire film is The End of Evangelion from Asuka's perspective.

Complete with the Hope Spot that allows our heroine to take a moment to catch her death, is enforced by a cruel Chekhov's Gun reveal, causing a female Heroic BSoD, after which the female is Eaten Alive, dismemembered, grasps for the sun, and is punished fatally for trying to stay alive.

And the Spider-Man Trilogy is the TV series, with the third film being the fan-hated climax.

The film is a prequel to the Doom games.
The demonic hands and hooves on the roof of the summoning room in the opening look a lot like the legs of Maggots in Doom³, while the Lamia's face looks a bit like a Spiderdemon and the sounds it makes are similar to a Hell Knight.
  • The events of the movie take place some time before the UAC began experimenting with interdimensional portals. At this point the demons can be summoned through cursed objects and can take individual souls, but it isn't until the portals begin opening that the demons become able take physical forms in our dimension and slaughter people en masse.

The supernatural things are all in Christine's head.

This is already mentioned on this page's headscratchers. Evidence is a scene where Christine spurts half a pint of blood from her nose and her boss doesn't care much. At the end, she does in fact die, but it's by being hit by a train and not being dragged to Hell.

  • The very obvious issue with that theory is that the opening scene happens years before the movie and shows another victim of the Lamia being dragged to hell.
    • It's all in his head too?