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Nightmare Fuel / Drag Me to Hell

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  • The opening scene, where a little boy gets dragged into the depths of Hell. We don't see the actual act, but damn if the kid's cries of "AYUDAME!" ("HELP ME!") don't give you at least a chill.
    • And that high pitched scream as his hand is slowly dragged down.
    • That roar as the demonic hand grabs him.
  • The ending, in which the final shot is of the female protagonist being Dragged Off to Hell, as demonic hands grab her and slowly bring her down to Hell as her piercing scream reverberates throughout the whole scene.
  • The early sequence where Christine has the seer Ram Jas read her fortune. As she holds out her hand for him to try and see into her future the tension starts to build up and the music turns ominous. Then out of nowhere a quick flash of the Lamia's face appears, with burning yellow eyes and razor-sharp teeth against a background of flames and accompanied by a high-pitched screech.
  • Sylvia vomiting all over Christine's face.
  • Christine being forced to kill her own cat to save her life.

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