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Visual Novel / The Duenkhy

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For centuries, humans and duenkhy (non-humans) have lived together on earth. However, relationships were strained, and most believed that the two groups were better off separated. Jun felt the same until their childhood, when a Duenkhy showed them kindness.

In recent years, however, they have come to feel totally out of place living among humans. Having come to believe they no longer fit in their own community anymore, they decide to run away and shack up with a friend of theirs, living among the duenkhy and pretending to be one of them. There, they meets a number of strange but interesting Cute Monster Guys:

  • Cassius, who has a keyboard for a head and who is rather timid due to people continually treating him as an object
  • Tor, the adult Tiger man living next door, who is a friendly and welcoming computer technician
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  • Calisto, a friendly and very loyal fish man barman who is very protective of those he cares about
  • Shawn, an awkward and painfully shy zombie who hides his condition out of fear from persecution by human and duenkhy alike
  • Krystoff, a mischievous and mysterious man of unknown species who lives off of negative emotions
  • RF31, aka Rafael, a cheery robot of unknown origins who is extremely interested in anything human

Can Jun find their own place here among the duenkhy, and find someone else who will be able to accept them as a human?

The Duenkhy is an amateur original English Otome Game developed by Alyssa Leandra Dalangin. It is set for full release in late 2014, and a demo has already been released. The official website is here.


The Duenkhy contains examples of:

  • Beast Man: Tor.
  • Bland-Name Product: Jun and Shawn both have '3BS' consoles. Shawn even mentions that he picked up someone on his roadpass feature, and Jun explains that it involves 3BS systems exchanging data when they come within range, just like the real streetpass feature.
  • The Blank: Cassius doesn't even have a head, let alone a face.
  • Cool Big Sis: Lady to Jun. She looks after them without batting an eyelash when Jun runs away, and Jun mentions that she always exudes a confident, charismatic aura.
  • Cool Mask: Jun wears a neat-looking skull mask to hide that they're human.
  • Cute Monster Guys: The whole cast, minus Jun.
  • Hikikomori: Shawn is way too worried about what could happen to him to go out and meet people, so he mostly stays inside and plays video games all day.
  • Interspecies Romance: Of course.
  • Non-Human Head: Cassius has a keyboard for a head, and is actually the page image for the trope.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Averted. In contrast to most dating sims with robotic love interests, Rafael is very visibly robotic, right down to not having a proper face.
  • Robosexual: Jun, if you go down Rafael's route.
  • Shrinking Violet: Cassius and Shawn could both qualify for this, though in different ways.
  • Totally Radical: Though Rafael tries to act human, he's a little... out of touch with normal human behavior and speech.
  • You Sexy Beast: Tor probably qualifies best for this, being a white tiger.


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