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The Night devours those who are weak-minded.

Hunt the Night is an upcoming 2D Action-Adventure game developed by Moonlight Games for Windows, MacOS, UNIX, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Hunt the Night takes place in a world where there is a long cycle between day and night. Humans rule the cycle of day, while the cycle of night is ruled by monsters. Every time the Night arrives, humanity is driven to near extinction and left to rebuild, repeating the process anew.

A group known as the Stalkers rose, their goal to save humanity from the Night by harnessing the power of darkness. Despite their best efforts, however, humanity was still crushed with every cycle. However, a Stalker known as Malakian eventually figured out a way to use crow feathers to transmit information, allowing human civilization to preserve its knowledge even after its destruction, bringing hope that the Night would one day be defeated. And nine ages after Malakian's time, humans figured out a way to seal off the Night, ushering in an everlasting day. However, a thousand years later, the seal is broken, and humanity faces annihilation once again.


Hunt the Night's Kickstarter campaign began on April 5, 2019. It reached its first goal in just under ten days.

Has nothing to do with Those Who Hunt the Night.

Hunt the Night provides examples of:

  • Creepy Cathedral: The trailer shows Vesper walking through a chapel inhabited by creatures of the Night where the walls are covered in some kind of maroon mass that's covered in blinking eyes, some of which has splattered onto the pews and arches.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The Stalkers are a group who use the power of darkness with the goal of saving humanity from destruction. Trailer shows that wearing a Stalker suit reduces the darkness cost of all powers by 20%.
  • Fictional Currency: The gold coins seen as a reward offered for a successful hunt in the trailer are named "Solari".
  • Flash of Pain: The trailer shows that the damaged enemies flash red.
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  • Homing Projectile: A "Psychic Link" upgrade can be spotted in the trailer, whose description states that it grants darkness control over your crossbow bolts so that they would chase after the nearest enemy.
  • I Call It "Vera": The trailer shows that Vesper's first sword is named "Promise", as it was given to her by her mother.
  • Life Drain: The description for the Crimson Edge blade seen in the trailer states that it steals life from the enemy with every strike.
  • Spread Shot: One of Vesper's attacks seen in the trailer is to fire a spread of three orange projectiles.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: The trailer shows Vesper's "Dark Grasp" ability, where she generates a long purple claw that grabs a far-off enemy and pulls it next to her, so that she can swiftly cut it down.


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