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Filipino troper.

Lurked TV Tropes for more than a year. BS Computer Science graduate and is now one of the co-founders of an indie game studio. Mostly a gamer, but has vested interests in anime, tokusatsu, and tech news. Has created twelve visual novels and three RPG Maker XP games so far as a hobby — and also does Cosplay. Is politically passionate, too; but tries his best to not get that passion too far.


Some of my favorite RPG series include:

Has a preference for Bishoujo/Moe stuff (thus my penchant for visual novels), but also keeps in mind plot and character development.

Here's my main blog, which is also the depository for original short stories I wrote.

And here's my account for my fanfics.

And here's my personal game development circle.

You can see me fixing and adding some stuff in existing pages so far.


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