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A relatively new troper hailing from AAAAAAMAAAAAAZOOOOOOOOON!!!

No, really. I technically do.

I've known TV Tropes for quite a long time. Some years ago, I ended up here (more specifically, the Anime page). I forgot about the page's name, so my journey through it ended for that moment. A year or two later, though, a friend of mine posted a link to this glorious site again. I started "wikiwalking" around for months and, finally, after seeing some pages to which I felt I could contribute, I got here. So yeah. Pleased to meet you!


I hope this doesn't ruin my life that badly...

The following list contains some of my favorite works and/or things I'm currently interested in, which may change every once in a while. ;P

    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 

    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Tabletop Games 
I used to play more in my school days, but those are the ones that most attract my attention nowadays:

    Web Original 

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