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Kenya Starflight (occasionally known as Kenyastarflight) is a librarian and fanfiction writer from Idaho. She was once known for writing Star Wars fanfic, but beginning in 2007 her interests drifted to something else entirely… Transformers. Most of her recent works are set in the Generation 1 universe, though she has expressed interest in experimenting with other versions of the franchise.

She has also written several crossover fics combining either Star Wars or Transformers with another franchise, most notably Harry Potter, though crossovers also exist with Xanth, Animorphs, Cars, the Disney Animated Canon, and even Scooby-Doo. Non-crossover fics that venture into other fandoms include Reminiscence (a Calvin and Hobbes fic), Chasing the Dream (a The Last Unicorn fic), Domovoi (a Pacific Rim fanfic), To Fight Monsters (a crossover between Pacific Rim and One Piece), Shooting Stars (a One Piece fanfic), Dreams Don't Turn To Dust (an Undertale fic), The Frost Queen (a Ben 10 fic), and Blessed Are the Geeks (a Harry Potter fic, unfinished and an Old Shame).


Works by this author with trope pages:

Her works can be found on or on DeviantART.

Tropes associated with this troper and her works are:

  • Black Sheep Hit: Reminiscence is a Calvin and Hobbes fanfic, a one-shot, non-crossover fic that is largely introspective and even melancholy, in comparison to her usual Lighter and Softer multi-chapter works. It’s also probably the most popular thing she’s ever written.
  • Crack Pairing: Arcee/Swoop in her The Alone Place fics, Megatron/Maleficent in Magic and Steel.
  • Dead Fic: Her Harry Potter fanfic Blessed Are the Geeks’ was last updated in March of 2009 – with an “on hold until further notice” announcement. Word of God states that she considers the fic an embarrassment and most likely won’t continue it.
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  • Lighter and Softer: Has described her work as "angsty fluff" or even "fluffier than a Wookie fresh out of the dryer."
  • Missing Episode: There is a chapter of her Star Wars fic Eye of the Storm that was never published on – it was cut due to having little actual relevance on the plot. It can still be found in old posts on the Luke/Vader writers Yahoo group, but finding it takes an account and a LOT of digging.
    • Also lost – an old crossover of Star Wars and Dragonriders of Pern, which was written but never posted online due to Anne Mc Caffrey banning fan works. A copy is rumored to exist on the Luke/Vader writers group.
    • ALSO missing – her blog, Me, Myself, and Vader: Discussions With a Sith. What started out as a blog about “my life with Star Wars characters thrown in” became a mishmash of various fictional universes, complete with blatant Sue-ism. She discontinued it in 2007, and has since taken it down.
  • Old Shame: Some of her early works, most notably Fall To Madness (mostly due to raging Sue-ism), Blessed Are the Geeks (see Dead Fic), and Me, Myself, and Vader: Discussions With a Sith (see Missing Episode).
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  • Orphaned Series: Between 2008 and 2009 she made a horrible knockoff of Insecticomics titled Chronicles of Thundercracker. She quit after a few dozen strips, with no plans to continue.