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I'm a fan-fiction author who gets a masochistic thrill from being told I suck.

My account.

    Tropes I Fit 
  • Gamer Chick: If you couldn't tell from the folder below.
  • Grammar Nazi: I won't be rude about it, but improper grammar and spelling bugs the hell out of me, particularly if I'm the one making the errors.
  • Nerd: Shamelessly so.
  • The Perfectionist: The reason I take so long to write some of my chapters is because it takes a long-ass time for me to be satisfied with the end result. It's also why I'm always nagging people to critique my writing.
  • Reclusive Fan-Fic Author: You probably won't be hearing much about my life outside the Internet.
  • Self-Deprecation: Don't worry, I know my writing isn't actually as bad as My Immortal.note 

    Stuff I Like 
Too lazy to add more.

    Stories I've Written 
  • The Maddox Family
    • Fandom: Zootopia
    • Status: In-Progress
    • Synopsis: Ten months after solving the Nighthowler Conspiracy, crime in Zootopia has reached an all-time low. However, chaos ensues when a string of kidnappings, conducted by a cult following the mysterious criminal known only as Maddox, takes Zootopia by storm. With the ZPD left clueless, Nick and Judy take matters into their own hands, but learn that's what the Family wanted all along...
  • The Bat-Knight
    • Fandom: Crossover between Zootopia and Batman
    • Status: In-Progress
    • Synopsis: A masked vigilante takes it upon himself to wage a one-mammal war against the crime and corruption plaguing Zootopia, but with the police on his tail and an ever-growing rogues gallery, he has to fight every step of the way to protect his home.

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