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Troper Wall / Electric Nova

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Welcome to my Troperwall!

  • Shazam! I have created a Troper Wall for you. Use it wisely. -resetlocksley
    • Belated thank you, activate! No, but seriously thanks. Electric Nova
  • Heya, Nova-chan~ I realized I haven't made my mark on your wall yet, and I thought I should remedy that. Now seduce me. XD
  • Ohai, Nova. ^w^ -Daft
  • Hello. I am in possession of your wall. What shall I do to it? Hmm... I AM THE GOD OF THE NEW WALL! I AM JUSTICE! -Space Wolf
  • Keep spreading posi-vibes on spaceship earth.<3 -Ferret
    • I will do, Ferry! You can count on me to continue spreading the happiness <3 -Electric Nova
  • You will be my hitman. You will be compensated, and I assure you a place at the table. -Silently Honest
    • Well, this is an interesting turn of events. I accept. -Electric Nova
  • >An anomalous man enters, leaves behind a rock
  • I suppose this is the part where I say something cool and witty? Meh, I don't really feel like it. - bRaHiAn1
  • HI! -Miscellaneous Soup
    • Hi, Soupy! -hugs- I love you in an entirely platonic way. -Electric Nova
  • Nyaaaaaaa~! – Ichi
  • Hey there Nova! You're awesome!^~^ - Syrika
    • Thanks Syrika! You're awesome too!
  • I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!! kidding. Just ran over here to tell you you're cool.- dexterian120
  • Do you hear the people sing? They're singing praise of you, your Majesty.- sebbymoran
  • Are you the prey? No, we are the HUNTERS!! sebbymoran
  • G'day -Blackie
  • Sweet Nova, here's some vandalism for you: You Are Better Than You Think You Are - Elva
  • Greetings, young one. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
  • Am I vandalizing properly? - WolfAmongGods
  • and G'night - Blackie
  • Here is an online greeting. Hope you well. — SymeSynth
  • Do you like checkers? Well, nevermind, just take this kitty. It definitely doesn't have laser eyes. yellowturtle
  • Tonight, we strike! No wall is safe! (Evil Laugh) Nova's Troper Wall's gonna feel our bite! Tonight we strike! TONIGHT WE STRIKE! ~DrNoPuma
  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy. -EeveeGirlChey

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