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  • Exiled from Continuity:
    • Syaoran and the rest of the four main cast members from Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- didn't appear or were mentioned in the anime adaptation of ×××HOLiC by Production I.G because its anime adaptation by Bee Train was airing at that time, which put the Tsubasa characters (including Soel) in embargo. With that, the staff had to make a new introduction for Larg by having her being brought alone from the storage room at Yuko's whim instead of being brought together with Soel to communicate with Syaoran and company. (However, Yuuko did appear in the Tsubasa anime since her role was too vital to Syaoran's group, while Watanuki made a few cameo appearances.)
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    • Production IG was responsible for the original Tsubasa movie, which ties to the ×××HOLiC movie, but Bee Train and NHK got dibs on the Tsubasa characters for the TV series. After the show ended, Production IG took charge in producing the Tsubasa OVAs, which features the Acid!Tokyo and Nihon arcs and disregards the latter filler episodes from the TV series. However, the ×××HOLiC OVAs, particularly the one which details Yuuko's death and Watanuki inheriting the shop, never explained the reasons behind it since it's tied to Tsubasa.
  • Fan Nickname: Brazilian fans of the series like to invoke a I Am Not Shazam-style joke to Watanuki, calling him "Watanuki Primeiro de Abril" ("April 1st Watanuki") after a dubbed line by Maru and Moro in the first episode made famous from a YouTube Poop.
  • No Export for You: The second anime season and the OVAs seem to be struck by bad luck. Not only they never reached Spain despite said country being a CLAMP fandom stronghold, they weren't licensed in English-speaking countries either and it is improbable they will ever be.
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  • One-Hit Wonder: At several levels in Spain. Firstly, ×××HOLiC and Kinnikuman II were the only series ever licensed by distribution company Enigma Entertainment before it disappeared. Secondly, most of the voice cast were actors from TV, theater or radio from the area of Mallorca who had never dubbed before and who would rarely ever dub again after this work (to the chagrin of many, because despite what one might think, their work in ×××HOLiC is considered one of the best anime dubs ever done in Spain). Finally, given that the storyline of ×××HOLiC never got resolved in anime continuity, the relative success of the first anime in Spain was All for Nothing.
  • The Other Darrin: The Spanish dub of A Midsummer Night's Dream was done by Jonu Media's voice cast, while the anime was done by Enigma Entertainment, a company that folded shortly after and whose voice actors (with a couple exceptions) vanished from the business with it.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Holic Wiki.


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