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Nightmare Fuel / ×××HOLiC

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×××HOLiC is best described as “dreamlike,” and naturally is quite capable of inducing bad ones. The series is notable in that, for the most part, it manages to creep the Dickens out of you without anything graphic.

  • Episode 10, where they tell ghost stories. The three stories told in the anime is different from the three stories in the manga, so we get double up of creepy.
    • Himawari's story in the manga: A hotel got an uneven number of rooms, where there should be a room, there's just a wall. The people staying at the hotel keep hearing sounds from there, so eventually they break open the wall, and find a room where "Father let me out" is written all over the walls in blood.
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    • Himawari's story in the anime is even worse: A man kills his wife and decides to hide it from his son. But the son never asks why his mom is gone, and carries on as normal. In the end, the dad asks him if he doesn't miss his mother... "But dad, mom's been next to you the entire time."
    • Watanuki tells about how he met a man at a crossroad, who carried an umbrella even though it wasn't raining. He passed Watanuki, and Watanuki just kept on walking... but at the next crossroad, he meets the man again. And at the next crossroad, again. And the man's eyes... *shudder*
      • Regarding Watanuki's story, is made ever creepier when Yuuko asks if he ignored what happened and went on the same way or if he changed his path. When Watanuki confesses he doesn't remember, Yuuko says he must have changed his path, for if he had met the man once more (as seeing the same thing four times in four crossroads, since four is a number of death) something terrible would have happened. And we're left to imagine... Have a nice night after that!
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  • The ... hand in episode 24 of the anime is very very creepy. Especially when it starts to chase Watanuki ... and in the end, there's lots and lots of them!
  • Episode 8/Chapter 18: The monkey's paw story. The conclusion where it strangles the woman itself...
    • What's more, the woman's last wish was that she would "disappear." Right after the paw kills her, her body vanishes and everything returns to normal, with no one even notices her absence.
  • Scary hands seem to be a motif for ×××HOLiC. There's a rather terrifying hand Eldritch Abomination in chapters 10 and 11 of Rei.
  • You may become wary about destroying spider webs after reading the arc where the spider enacts revenge on Doumeki for destroying her home.


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