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Tear Jerker / ×××HOLiC

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  • In ×××HOLiC, more than one person teared up when Himawari, while giving an obviously forced smile, told Watanuki about her bad luck and said goodbye to him after causing a nearly fatal accident. Watanuki stopping her and telling her that he cares about her, was happy to have met her, and doesn't want to stop being her friend even with her misfortune causes the floodgates to open after she leaves. The fact that she willingly took his scars is just icing on the cake.
    Himawari: Watanuki you liar, you said you wouldn't make me cry... that was the first time anyone ever told me they were happy to have met me.
    • Six words: "I'll die like this too. Alone."
      • Four more words: "I want to change!" Bonus points for being the only mini-arch with a distinctly happy ending.
    • SOMEONE had to have teared up a little at chapter 71 of the manga. Seriously
    • Oh, Jesus, and now there's chapter 181. With time beginning to move properly for Yuuko again, she's now dying, and insists to a despairing Watanuki that it's alright, because she was supposed to be dead long before he was even born. He screams at her that her belief that she's not supposed to exist is wrong, because for all he didn't believe in her in the beginning, she was really there, and she did change him for the better. And all she can do is smile and thank him for that. Crying, Watanuki says she can't go away because he hasn't granted her wish yet, as he promised. Yuuko says that her only wish is for him to go on existing. He promises to do this and to wait in the shop until she comes back, no matter how long it takes.
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    • Ohgod, Chapter 184. Warning, massive spoilers.
    • Chapters 205 and 206. We're introduced to some sort of child spirit nobody but Watanuki can see (not even Kohane). His wish is to be protected until he is called. By the end, it's heavily implied the child was aborted, and while the "call" that comes is from heaven (so he could be born again), his wish was to be called by the mother who didn't want him. His only line in the whole arc was "Not mother?". Watanuki can only give him a sad smile as he promises that next time, his mother will tell him "Thank you for being born."
    • In the Rou Adayume OVA, Watanuki tries to lightheartedly celebrate the upcoming wedding between Doumeki and Kohane, until Doumeki point blank tells Watanuki "the one [Kohane] loves the most is you". The look on Watanuki's face when he realizes the implications of this is quite heartbreaking.
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    • "It's longer than that since I inherited the store, though. You really do look like him. Your great grandfather."
    • In ×××HOLiC: Rei, after spending 3 volumes worth of chapters in a timeframe similar to that from before Watanuki inherited the shop yet somehow eerily off, Watanuki learns the heartbreaking truth that he's basically in a dream. He had inadvertently immersed himself in a illusory world where he could pretend that his life was back to the way it was when he was still working for Yuuko, which he admits solemnly was the time in his life he had been the most happy. Additionally, Doumeki and Himawari had actually followed Watanuki into his dream to stay by his side, because they were worried about him. Arguably the worst part about all this was Watanuki realizing that the Yuuko of the dream was probably just part of the illusion, and not actually Yuuko having returned like Watanuki has been desperately wishing for. In spite of that, though, Watanuki admits that he can't bring himself to fully believe that Yuuko wasn't 'real' in some way, and the extended goodbye he gives her when he finally decides to put an end to the dream and return to reality is heart-wrentching.


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