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Trivia / The Jungle Book 2

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  • Actor Allusion: If you pay very close attention during the scenes with the vultures, you'll hear Jess Harnell doing his Ringo Starr impression. Again.
  • The Other Darrin: For rather obvious reasons, none of the original voice-actors reprise their roles in the sequel. It's most obvious with Shanti, who sounds nothing like she did in the first movie, but it's also notable with Mowgli and Baloo. The other voice actors imitate the original actors with various levels of success.
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  • Recycled Script: The sequel is frequently criticized for its similar plot to the original film.
  • Role Reprisal: Tony Jay, who provided the voice of Shere Khan, previously voiced a different variation of this character on The Jungle Book spin-off TaleSpin.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to Amy Mebberson, one of the animators, there were ideas for a third Jungle Book. One idea was about Baloo and Shere Khan getting captured by hunters and sent a Russian circus, Mowgli and Shanti going after them to save Baloo, and Shere Khan possibly getting over his desire to kill Mowgli through the course of the film.
    • Long before The Jungle Book 2, development for a sequel had already been planned in 1968. It was initially pitched as a record story (entitled More Jungle Book) however it was rejected as an animation due to poor sales and out of respect for Walt's dislike of sequels. The record featured original tunes provided by Phil Harris and Louis Prima (who reprised their roles as Baloo and Louie respectively), a snippet of which can be found here.
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    • The actual sequel itself went through several script ideas, one of which involved Baloo trying to save a female bear from some poachers. One contributor mocked the fact that, after all their rewrites, the final was essentially just a rehash of the original.
    • According to an issue of Disney Adventures, The Jungle Book 2 originally had a pie fight scene that was cut from the final film.


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