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Funny / The Jungle Book 2

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  • Shanti is holding her torch too close to Kaa's coils. Kaa sniffs the air, then massive Oh, Crap! face; and bumps his head on the branch above him. As Shanti walks away, Kaa frantically blows out his smoldering coils.
  • Villain Decay aside... it is funny to see Kaa repeatedly get clobbered during the Bare Necessities reprise. Especially when he ends up with prickly pears stuck to his head that makes him look like he's got Mickey Mouse ears.
    "I so despise these song and dance routines..." *thud*
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  • "In case you haven't noticed, kid, I ain't no wild animal. Well, er...except at parties."
  • "You're horrible! Horrible stinky boys!"

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