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Fridge / The Jungle Book 2

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  • Fridge Horror:
    • Shere Khan falls into a volcano, but survives, only to be trapped inside by a stone tiger head that also fell into the volcano. Khan cannot escape from the tiger head because it is too heavy, and as he is doing so the vultures who constantly mock him fly inside the volcano...
      • For anyone sympathetic to Shere Khan, it's worth noting that the only way he'd have even a chance to escape that skull would be to lose a lot of weight. Of course by then, he'd be too weak to move.
      • Which brings up the point of Lucky Vulture hanging around. Ostensibly, he's making fun of Khan while Khan can't do anything about it. Left unsaid is that he's probably waiting until Shere Khan either starves to death or becomes to weak to move...
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    • The other pages note that Shere Khan has become a Knight of Cerebus in the sequel, but that's probably because he's still so pissed over Mowgli defeating him in the first movie that he doesn't want to be "whimsical".

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