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Trivia / The Harmon Verse

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  • Actor Allusion: Daniel is played by John Gallagher Jr, who starred with Lea Michele in Spring Awakening.
  • All-Star Cast: A fanfic variant, at least- Hypothetical Casting is used a lot for some well known actors.
  • Development Hell: A lesser example then other products. It's very rare that any of the main fanfics are updated either frequently or will set update schedules be kept to. As a way to pass time between updates, the main writers put up Spin Offs to pass time between updates (PACK for Soulless Warlock, Red Vs Glee PS As for Cola Flavoured Sherbet and Gone Rampant, and the works of the Different-Verse for Zero Ben. Frequently lampshaded by the authors when they do update.
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  • Fan Nickname: The actual title should be the Different-Verse because it was Zero Ben's kindness that allowed for Jack (and other characters) to continue on in different stories by other writers, but this title is what stuck for a few writers. This was actually a second attempt after a failed one by Soulless Warlock and two other writers and it has proven more successful.
  • The Other Darrin: Michelle from Avril Lavigne, to Lindsay Pierce to Vanessa Hudgens.
  • What Could Have Been: Before Ron Raines was cast in the role, Kristopher could've been played by Rick Moranis, Peter Gallagher, and Micheal Nouri.
    • Before Gone Rampant had chosen a solid actor for Joshua, he also considered Michael Bublé, Jeremy Renner, Jared Leto and Seth Green, among others. Rampant picked Fillion to appear as Joshua for his debut appearance in "Ballad".
    • Before Heather Locklear was cast as Elise Mayhew, two front runners for the character were Kelly Rutherford and Jennie Garth.

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