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  • Colbert Bump: Odds are good, most of the people who've gotten into, or at least heard of, Subnautica have done so because of Jacksepticeye or Markiplier. Both YouTubers are mentioned in the "Special Thanks" portion of the credits.
    • In one of Jack's videos, he says that he met the Subnautica devs and they actually credit him for saving the game by rescuing them from the brink of bankruptcy. Presumably this is why Jack's eyeball mascot is in the game as a special item.
  • Easter Egg: The Aurora can be spawned, and every spawned Aurora will explode in sync with the "explodeship" command.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Neebs and Apsaro from Neebs Gaming make a guest appearance in the game as the voices of Alterra HQ reprising their characters from the roleplay series they made of Subnautica. The developers were so tickled about the roleplaying series they created with the characters that they agreed to bring both of them on to do voice acting for the game. It even continues the roleplay story as Apsaro promised Neebs a job at Alterra HQ near the conclusion of the series.
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  • The Wiki Rule: There are two — one for the base game and one for Below Zero.
  • What Could Have Been: Lots. So much that it wouldn't fit on this page. But to highlight a few major ones:
    • The original plan for the game was for the Aurora to be a terraforming vessel. In later versions, the player is part of a mining crew aboard the "Aurora Mining Vessel." This was later changed again to just a "long-distance vessel" assembled to build a phasegate.
    • Lots of upgrades were considered but scrapped, including poisoned knives and knives that chop up your foes into edible chunks, stronger Stasis Rifles, lethal upgrades to the Mobile Vehicle Bay and Lightstick, and more.
    • There were going to be many models of vehicles in the game until it was decided that that would be too much work for barely - if at all - functionally distinct vessels, so the most appropriate model in each category was picked for a total of four different vehicles.
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    • Creatures would naturally spawn infused with the DNA of other creatures as if the player had used the Transfuser on them. They'd also spawn with other properties, such as heightened aggression, and larger sizes.
    • Special mention goes to the scrapped "Grabcrab" and "Sandworm," and the ability to dig sand to process into glass. All three were Dummied Out (except for the "digging sand" part), but it took forever (as in, not until 2016) to fully remove all of them from the game. And even then, sand as an item still exists, but can't be obtained and doesn't function. The same applies to a bunch of minerals originally considered for the game, such that they clog the first few parts of the item list.
    • Earlier versions of the game included a tool called the Terraformer, which allowed large chunks of land to be created or removed. This, however, led to many bugs and glitches (and even break the game by means of being used to create shortcuts into the Lost River and Lava Zone) and was ultimately decided to not be necessary for the final build of the game, thus it was removed.
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    • There was a plot at the end of the game for the Warpers to fight against the native wildlife in an Enemy Mine situation as the player, upon reaching the Sea Emperor, would be attacked by multiple Warpers at once trying to eliminate all infected life, but this plot fell through. Warpers are now mostly roaming deterrents that, while automatically attacking infected wildlife and getting attacked by territorial creatures, don't really coordinate their efforts.
    • The developers mused with the idea of giving you a shorter, alternate ending if you managed to cure yourself of Kharaa and disable the precursor gun before the Sunbeam arrives. In the final release this just leads to an alternate cutscene where the Sunbeam regretfully can't land because of the orbiting debris left by the Aurora and has to depart with an irrelevant promise to tell the proper authorities.
    • So many biomes were ultimately scrapped. The Twisty Bridges are perhaps the most famous, but there were many others. This video gives a nice rundown of some of them. The Twisty Bridges and Lilypad Islands are being added back in with Below Zero, though, so its possible some of the others may also be added back in.
  • Word of God: The main reason as to why the game doesn't have lethal weaponry is because the game was first realized around the time of the Sandy Hook shooting. Charlie Cleveland, the game's director, while not a believer of violent video games being a catalyst of violent crime, decided to make Subnautica a game without guns, as explained here.
  • Working Title: Descend.

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