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  • Managing to scan a Reaper Leviathan, one of the deadliest and most horrific creatures in the game, and escaping alive. The unnamed survivor from Lifepod 4 apparently accomplished this without even a stasis rifle on hand.
    PDA: Motivational note: This lifeform has been categorized as a leviathan class predator. Congratulations on getting close enough to scan it and living to see the results!
  • The PRAWN Suit, an undersea walker capable of withstanding pressures up to 900m without upgrades. Not only that, its arms can be replaced with useful implements ranging from telekinetic beams to torpedo launchers. As if that wasn't enough, the PDA states that PRAWN pilots must undergo weeks of training to counteract the feeling of limitless power one gets from using the suit, and the protagonist manages to get by with nothing but their own self-discipline. It probably helps that by this time the player has encountered Reapers, who will literally chew up and spit out a PRAWN, and then chew up and swallow the player as usual.
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  • The protagonist (a man with no previous experience piloting submarines) managing to operate the Cyclops (a vessel designed to be operated by a 3-man crew), all by himself. The PDA outright states this should only be attempted by the most veteran of pilots, and he does it on his first try.
  • The game really doesn't encourage it, but any creature can be killed. And yes, this does include taking down Reaper, Ghost, and Sea Dragon Leviathans with anything from a prawn suit with a drill arm to your dinky little knife, and better still, they don't respawn so you're rewarded with never having to worry about them again.
  • Your first face to face with The Emperor Leviathan goes from heart stopping to outright awe inspiring once you realize it isn't hostile and that she's the creature that's been talking to you for sometime.
    "Are you here to play?"
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  • When the Precursor Bases were first added to experimental, the community immediately started digging around, discovered all data downloads related to the bases, and plotted the locations of all the bases in less than an hour.
  • Marguerit Maida's Dying Moment of Awesome, riding out with a seaglide and a piece of scrap to kill either a Reaper or a Sea Dragon. The last Paul saw her, she had the scrap lodged in its neck and wasn't letting go despite its best efforts.
    • Scratch that, it wasn't a Dying Moment of Awesome. As shown by the Below Zero expansion, she both survived and killed a Reaper with only four minutes of oxygen to spare.
  • Getting aboard the Aurora and sealing the leaking drive module that is hemorrhaging radiation. This requires the player to have found the blueprints for and built a number of tools to remove obstacles aboard the damaged ship, braved radiation and edged perilously close to areas frequented by Reaper Leviathans, fought their way past Cave Crawlers, and finally braved the Bleeder-infested waters of the flooded drive core to repair the Aurora's damaged engines. It is a major early to mid-game accomplishment, frees up the player's exploration by no longer requiring the radiation suit, and lore-wise averts an ecological catastrophe.
  • Honestly, the entire game is a giant CMOA if you think about it. The player character, a glorified janitor on a spaceship, crash-lands and survives where the rest of the crew went down. And starting with nothing more than a damaged escape pod and their PDA, they manage to build bases, document strange creatures, cure a bio-plague, and get off the planet and back to safety with a rocket they made themselves. Pretty well done for a janitor.
    • Adding one more bit of awesome? The bio-plague that gets cured during the course of the game also means humanity now has a lead on a way to halt the spread of the Kharaa bacterium-based aliens in Natural Selection 2, which shares a universe with Subnautica. That janitor managed to help stop an interstellar war, knowingly or not!
      • It's stated early in Below Zero that, thanks to curing the Bio-Plague, life on 4546b is now flourishing again and the environment is now recovering rapidly. You've single-handedly saved the whole planet!
  • In Below Zero, bringing down the Communications Tower is this. You've now cut off Alterra's surveillance for this area of the planet. Both Margeurit and Al An compliment you on it, and the former allows you full access to her base and greenhouse as thanks.


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