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  • The Cameo: Tim Burton actually has a minor acting role in the film.
  • Defictionalization: Jeff Ament came up with a list of fake band names. Chris Cornell took a look at it and decided to write some songs based on it.
  • Name's the Same: Kyra Sedgwick's character, Linda Powell, is the same name as the character Phoebe Cates played in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which was also written by Cameron Crowe
  • Production Posse: Jeremy Piven (who plays the cashier who recognizes Steve) and Eric Stoltz (who plays a bitter mime) both appeared in Say Anything....
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  • Recycled: The Series: Ultimately averted, as Crowe felt that turning Singles into a series was a poor idea. The production company decided, rather than giving up on the notion, to retool the concept and gave the central characters tweaked personalities, altered some of the interpersonal relationships, transplanted the show to New York City, and changed the name to Friends.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Counting the ways:
    • Grunge and alt-rock is everywhere.
    • Flannel is practically a dress code requirement (although somewhat Truth in Television in Seattle to this day).
    • The dating service that Debbie uses involves VHS tapes instead of any variety of video disc or the Internet.
    • Reference is made to building airplanes, as Boeing used to be by far the largest employer in the Seattle area (Boeing since has left the area; tech companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Amazon are the local heavyweights now).
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    • Steve's friend David storing phone numbers on his watch, as opposed to a cell phone.


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