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  • Development Gag:
    • For the Puppacti line, its unusual amount of Bug-type moves and ability that boosts moves of said type comes from an error in one of Clover's beta versions that accidentally made the line Bug instead of Grass-type.
    • The post-game unlocks a previously blocked area in Actuvit City, behind the old man's home. The remains found in the trash heap resembles parts of Pokfusa, a Steel/Fairy-type which used to be part of this game's National Dex before being replaced by Militant, which is the special encounter when you examine the trash heap.
    • In Ultra Fire Red XD, Unjoy's Mega Evolution gains several white hands. This is a reference to Unjoy's original design, where it had white, Haunter-esque hands (as a nod to the White Hand creepypasta); however, the sprite artist interpreted them as Hitodama Lights, and the design change stuck.
    • Lil' Bro, a Team Karma Admin, is based on a dev member's little brother who almost destroyed all progress made on Pokémon Clover. The Pokémon he designed, Balloofang, even references this, saying that they almost destroyed the world.
    • Players can rarely get a Sonnanos from Wonder Trade named "Raidenetti", referencing a scrapped counterpart to the nanomachinesnote -based Pokémon.
  • Development Hell: In addition to delays due to the developers' personal lives, the Battle Channel remains broken as of this writing, even after the rest of the game has been finished. No date has been given on any sort of fix.
  • Distanced from Current Events: Undastand, a Fakemon based on Satoru Iwata, was originally going to be part Ghost-type. However, Iwata ended up passing away from cancer in 2015, and Undastand was made into a pure Electric-type as a result.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The original Pokémon Clover Wikia page is currently gone, but information about the game is still available out there. However, a wiki replacement and a new Pokémon Clover Wikia page was created.
    • However, it is to be noted that the original Pokémon Clover Wikia page was considered to be extremely outdated by many.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The Pokémon in the game were all made by anons on /vp/.
  • Saved from Development Hell:
    • The game started development in 2014 as a simple skin of FireRed themed after 4chan in-jokes. It ended up becoming its own overhauled game, and its final release wouldn't see the light of day until April 2020, six years after it began development.
    • This also applies to the 1.3 update. Due to the fact that it had been over two years since Clover's last update, many assumed the game to be Abandonware. To the surprise of many, the update was released in early December of 2022, with more bugfix updates in the works.
  • Throw It In!: At some point, the dex was found to have disproportionately low Grass, Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon. A suggestion for an evolutionary line was then made as a joke where the Pokémon starts out as a pure Grass-type, evolves into a pure Fire-type and evolves again to a pure Ghost-type. The Sapleaf line was created as the result.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The official Google Sheet has a list of rejected Fakemon under the "Reject Shitpile" tab. Some of the image links (mostly the Dropbox ones) are dead, however.
    • YouTuber Shofu previously had a playthrough, before taking it down. Shofu mentioned that the reasons behind it were related to Nintendo.
    • Chuck Norris was originally going to be the Fighting-type Elite Four member but the developers found his appeal too dated to use, so Saxton Hale was placed instead.
  • Write Who You Know:
    • The names of the Dunkypea line come from other Fakemon designers. Dunkypea references Dunkywunkr, Burdmen references Birdman, and Nutzbolts reference Nutz and Boltz.
    • Lil' Bro, a Team Karma Admin, is based on one of the developer's little brother who almost destroyed all progress made on the game. His Signature Mon, Baloofang, was designed by him as well.