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  • Enforced Method Acting: Aside from "Love Me Do" and its B-side "P.S. I Love You", taken straight from the single, it was all recorded in just one day, an exhausting 13-hour period. The intention was to make it sound as much like a Live Album as possible, and it's been stated that John Lennon's voice in "Twist and Shout" shows the wear and tear from all the work; in fact, John apparently insisted on saving that song for last because he had a bad cold that day, hence he knew it was going to wreck his voice completely.
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  • One-Take Wonder: "Twist and Shout". John had a cold during the recording session, but kept on playing regardless. Since they had little recording time left, the band recorded it on one take. John's raspy voice blended really smoothly with the song, and producer George Martin threw it in, and the rest is history.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Paul McCartney's count-off "One, two, three, faw!" at the beginning of "I Saw Her Standing There". This would normally have been cut from the final track, but the band liked the way he did it on one take so much that they ended up editing it into the beginning of the take that they actually used. When Greil Marcus first heard it, he was astonished because he thought Paul had said "One, two, three, fuck!"
    • In the stereo version of "Please Please Me", John flubs a line in the last verse at 1:53: instead of "I know you never even try, girl" he says "I know I never even try, girl" and then giggles. (Remember, the whole album, except for four songs previously recorded for singles, was recorded in a single 10-hour studio session with virtually no edits or overdubs; it was largely the Beatles' live act, warts and all.)
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  • What Could Have Been: George Martin was a member of the Royal Zoological Society, and he tried to persuade them to allow the album cover picture to be taken in front of the insect house at London Zoo. They declined.
  • Working Title: George Martin toyed with the idea of calling the album ''Off the Beatle Track''.
  • Written-In Infirmity: John Lennon was sick for the day the group worked the 13-hour recording session and it shows in "Twist and Shout" which they saved for last. John admitted that his voice wasn't quite the same afterward, saying that his throat felt like sandpaper every time he swallowed for a few years.


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