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Trivia / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations

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Trivia for Trials and Tribulations

  • Ascended Fanon: Dahlia Hawthorne's nickname "Dollie" is a reference to an unfinished Fan Translation of the GBA version, which only managed to cover the first case before the official localization was announced. In said fan translation, Dahlia Hawthorne was called Dolores Willow, and her nickname was "Dolly".
  • Life Imitates Art: Criminals infected the police department's computer network with the MC Bomber Computer Virus because the police department refused to pay a ransom that the criminals demanded in Trials and Tribulations. Trials and Tribulations was first released in 2004. The CryptoLocker ransomware's rampage of encrypting computers and demanding ransom took off in 2013.
  • No Export for You: Despite EVERY other game being released and despite even getting a few prerelease reviews in gaming magazines, the DS version of Trials and Tribulations was never released in Australia. No reason was ever given (although it may be related to the fact that its release was delayed in Europe over ratings complications, causing Apollo Justice to come out before it). At least Australia got the WiiWare version.
  • Refitted for Sequel: Recipe for Turnabout was originally planned as the fourth case of Justice For All, where it was cut for lack of cartridge space.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Trials and Tribulations had several development changes due to technical limitations.
    • Designs were made for Gumshoe as a rookie detective with his tie tightened and only one spike of hair sticking out. Due to memory issues, the only difference when he appears in Turnabout Beginnings is a tan coat instead of his present green one.
    • A miscalculation on the sizes of the game assets left the developers with less memory on the cartridge than they anticipated, so Sister Bikini was designed to be short so they could save on storage.
    • Wendy Oldbag was almost cut from the game entirely, but the devs found they had just enough room to give her a cameo. They lacked the space to give her sprite a lei from her vacation in Hawaii, however, so she's inexplicably wearing her space officer outfit from Justice for All.
    • Marvin Grossberg wears a red suit instead of the brown one he wore in the first game because he blended into the courtroom background too much on the Game Boy Advance's unlit screen.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There were initially plans to have Godot be an alcoholic to match his tragic backstory, but he was changed to instead be a coffee addict to match his mysterious and philosophical nature.
    • Many things were cut for memory reasons, including a design for a much-younger Gumshoe in the first trial and Oldbag showing up in a lei after her vacation. (She's in her "alien" costume from the previous game, even though the security guard uniform from the first game would have made more sense, because of Rule of Funny.)
    • Among the English names considered for Diego Armando were Joseph Cuppa, Xavier Barstucks, and William Havamug.
  • Word of Gay: Janet Hsu, a member of the localization team for Trials and Tribulations, confirmed in a blog post that Jean Armstrong is gay, though this is hardly a surprise to anyone considering how he acts. This is mostly a clarification about his gender and presentation, that he is specifically a gay cis man with a female drag persona rather than a transgender woman.