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Funny / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

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"Permission to treat the witness as hostile, Your Honor!"
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     Turnabout Memories 
  • Payne being so shocked at his defeat at the hands of Mia that HIS HAIR FLIES OFF OF HIS SCALP.
    Payne: Nooooooo! My hair is flying ooooooofffffffff!
  • This line:
  • There's also this absolute gem from Mia in the very beginning, where Grossberg says "You've made our client cry!" and she responds, "Let him! That 'P' on his sweater doesn't stand for Phoenix!" Think about it for a little while.
    • It's funny how much Phoenix annoyed Mia when they first met. When he was fawning over his "Dolly", it annoyed Mia so much she had the strong urge to slap the person closest to her. Said person was Grossberg. Her reaction is amusing even after we see what happened to the last person Mia defended, who was also fawning over Dahlia.
  • When Dahlia Hawthorne appears in court, both the Judge and Payne fawn over how pure and innocent she looks. Mia's response?
    Mia: (Now I can see whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!)
    • When Dahlia makes her first appearance, her performative innocence is obviously a put-on – with her dress, soothing theme, and body language – but after a second, three translucent butterflies come in with excellent comedic timing and add a last touch of egregious manipulation that perfects it.
  • Any time Grossberg mentions his hemorrhoids. Disgusting, yes, but also hilarious.
    • By the end of the case, Mia finally asks him to stop talking about his hemorrhoids. His response: "How rude!"
    • In some versions, Grossberg drops this line:
      Grossberg: It feels like my hemorrhoids are doing the Harlem Shake!note 
  • When it's revealed that Dahlia had an ulterior motive for dating Phoenix, he freaks out, grabs the bottle necklace and tries to flee the courtroom. When he's brought back and told to give back the necklace, he reveals that he ate it. The court's reaction is priceless. (This becomes majorly Harsher in Hindsight after Case 3-4...)
  • Dahlia Hawthorne is giving a testimony about her relationship with Phoenix. Without warning, the final row line of dialog comes from Phoenix himself, blurting out that the two are so lovey-dovey it makes people sick. The judge warns him not to do that again or he'll be held in contempt.
  • Phoenix shows his charm to Mia and tells her that he shows it to everyone he meets, just like his future Attorney's Badge.

     The Stolen Turnabout 
  • Say hello to Godot, who loves coffee so much that in one of his stock animations, he has a cup of coffee slide to him on his desk. He's alone on the prosecution's side of the court, but he's so smooth, he doesn't need anyone to make the coffee and slide it to him offscreen.
  • Godot boasting that he's never lost a case...before then stating that he's also never won a case either.
  • This exchange from the second trial:
    Ron: Yes.
    Phoenix: (sweating) What?
    Ron: Uh... Wait! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
    Judge: ...Hmm. For a moment there I thought we'd set the record for the shortest trial ever.
    • Ron's testimony in general, since it starts that way and just keeps going - that just turns out to be the only time he catches himself. For a master thief, Ron has zero filter and barely thinks about what comes out of his mouth, so it's all Phoenix' sanity can do to stop him from rambling on about incredibly incriminating things that would ruin their case. At one point, he casually drops the bomb that he arrived at scene of the murder he was framed for in full costume, which completely changes the scope of the trial and the evidence the player has been looking at the whole time (and ultimately clinches his innocence) while rambling during an unrelated conversation. Both Phoenix and even Godot are floored, and Ron barely even notices.
  • A call back to case 1-3.
    Phoenix: ...?
    Maya: Don't "...?" me, Nick!
  • Presenting Gumshoe the Magatama in 3-2 and 3-5 both end up in him almost eating it. Phoenix, Maya (both in 3-2) and Edgeworth's (3-5) reactions are equally priceless.
  • This exchange after breaking Adrian's Psyche-Locks regarding her breaking the Sacred Urn (again):
    Pearl: (who broke the urn in the previous game and accidentally spelled it I AM instead) Really?
  • Before that, we get a Call-Back to the Phrase Catcher when Larry Butz gets Psyche-Locked for the first time:
    Phoenix: (Oh, no... I knew something smelled bad, and it was definitely the Butz!)
  • "Dancingly descended". Twice.
    Luke Atmey: Mask☆DeMasque dancingly descended towards me!
    Phoenix: How did he do that, exactly?
    Luke: Well... From the entrance, I suppose. Where else?
    Phoenix: (So, in actuality, he neither 'danced' nor 'descended'! ...Someone please save me.)
    • And later:
      Ron De Lite: I dancingly descended into the basement!
      Phoenix: How did you do that?
      Ron: Oh, through the air ducts.
      Phoenix: (So, in reality, he neither 'danced' nor 'descended'! ...Someone please save me. Again.)
    • From the same testimony press with Atmey:
      Luke Atmey: My eyes were looking for the thief's shadow, while my ears listened for his footfalls. But even so, the dastardly criminal managed to sneak up on me...
      Luke Atmey: It can only be due to his subtly camouflaged cape and soft-soled shoes.
      Phoenix: (... I hereby dub you "Ace Dunce".)
  • This line, if you present Mask☆DeMasque to Ron DeLite.
    Ron: Maybe I should give up being a thief and become a professional cowbell player...
  • Phoenix examining a bent ornamental sword, wondering how it got that way.
    Maya: Maybe Detective Atmey smashed Mask☆DeMasque with it. Like this!
    Maya: What do you think, Pearly?
    Pearl: I think it's even more bent than it was before.
    Phoenix: (Oh HAIR!)
  • The Judge mishears the word 'broach'.
    Judge: A breach? Here!? Bailiff! Get my steed! We need to retreat at once!
  • If you present Pearl's profile to Larry, he talks about how cute she is, and only decides against dating her because dating two girls with the same name would violate one of his personal rules. Phoenix notes that the fact that Pearl is nine years old might violate some rule somewhere.
  • At one point in the trial, Phoenix is prompted to explain away a hitch in his case. He stays ponderously silent, until his expression suddenly becomes very sheepish.note  It's a standard sprite, but it's that extremely embarrassed grin of his that sells it.
  • At least at two points in the trial, after the defense makes a strong point, Godot calmly sips his coffee only to make a very abrupt Spit Take immediately after.
  • If you present Phoenix's profile to Maya at the beginning of the case, she observes that he "isn't very photogenic." As he puts it, "Ouch!"
    Pearl: Well, that's the end of that conversation!
  • All of Phoenix's inner thoughts about Atmey are amusing, and they're rather frequent. If it's not what he's thinking, his expression (usually his exasperated animation) and the sound effects really sell it.
  • The penalty responses for saying what Atmey's identity was:
    Phoenix: The "identity" that Luke Atmey wanted to so desperately keep secret was...
    • "An Ace Detective"
    Phoenix: Luke Atmey... is an Ace Detective!
    Atmey: Thank you for the kind introduction. I am Luke Atmey, Ace Detective! One embodies the nefarious forces of darkness. The other the angelic cherubs of light!
    Judge: ...I am completely lost. Someone get me a translator. *ahem* But anyway, everyone already knows he's an Ace Detective!
    Maya: Come on, Nick, are you even trying anymore?
    Phoenix: (Actually, I kind of wonder that myself...)
    • "Mask☆DeMasque"
    Phoenix: Luke Atmey... is Mask☆DeMasque!
    Atmey: (silent)
    Godot: (stares at Phoenix)
    Judge: (trying to make logical sense of Phoenix's response)
    Phoenix: ...Wh-What?
    Godot: That's my line.
    Phoenix: Wh-What's that supposed to mean?
    Godot: ...That's my line, too. Listen up, Trite. This is what you've been saying up to this point in time. "The witness pretended to be Mask☆DeMasque in order to pin the murder on the defendant." In which case! You'll want to insist, up to and beyond the day you die... that Ron DeLite was in fact Mask☆DeMasque!
    Judge: I must say, this sudden change of heart doesn't reflect well on you.
  • In the aftermath of the trial, the defendant Ron DeLite who has been ousted as the real Mask☆DeMasque, but gotten away with it on double jeopardy grounds is worried that his wife Desirée will leave him because she hates criminals, but she says that she only hates SNEAKY criminals, and as Mask☆DeMasque he had always announced his crimes before committing them like a real man!
  • Pearl's slapping rage towards Nick after Desirée gives him a kiss as thanks for proving her husband's innocence.
    Phoenix: (*gulp* I can feel my face going red!)
    Pearl: (suddenly appears) Mr. Nick! Mystic Maya! Congratulations!... *gasp* (is shocked to see Desirée and not too happy about it)
    Phoenix: (...Talk about bad timing.)
    Pearl: (begins to slap Phoenix) Mr. Nick! How could you!? (slap again) With another man's wife! (slap again) In front of Mystic Maya!
    Phoenix: No no no! You've got it all wrong!
    Pearl: (slaps Phoenix again) I'll NEVER forgive you! (slap again) Never! (slap again) Ever!
  • When Luke Atmey takes the stand for the first time, he says "SHHH! SILENCE!..." after which, the music stops, as he begins his usual "clever" deductions.
  • If you pick the wrong dialogue choice when you're supposed to first accuse Luke Atmey of being Mask☆DeMasque, this is one of the possible outcomes:
    Phoenix: The truth is... this witness is no Ace Detective at all!
    Atmey: So, what exactly is it you're saying that I am?
    Phoenix: Uh, um... (grins awkwardly) well, an ordinary detective?
  • This trial marks the beginning of the Running Gag of Godot throwing his coffee mug in Phoenix's face. What sells it is the latter's hilariously-pathetic expression (pictured above).
    • Just the execution alone is hilarious:
    Phoenix: (Yes! Time to put the last nail in this guy's coffin!) Detective Atmey! When you assumed the thief's identity—
    Godot: Objection! (SPAKK)
    (The screen flashes black and white for a second, before settling on black. A moment later, it sloooowly fades back in to Phoenix soaked in coffee with his eyes flicking back open widely after a second)

     Recipe for Turnabout 
  • After Phoenix argues that Victor Kudo was too interested in the waitress's uniform to notice her face, he claims that anyone could have been wearing that uniform. "Even me!" The Judge immediately orders the defense to refrain from giving the court mental images.
  • All the references to pop culture throughout the games, most notably this:
    Lisa Basil: I'm sorry, that data is SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected.
    Maya: SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected?! What?! This is madness!
    Phoenix: No, Maya, that is SPARDA.
  • And:
    Maya: What!? It's not the Rocko soundtrack, is it? Claw of the Tiger?
  • When Furio Tigre is in court, the first thing he does is roaring as both Maya and the Judge hide under their respective desks.
    Tigre: I got a business to take care of, ya hear me? So who the hell called me into this hole?! Was it you', spikey?!
    Phoenix: Ack, no. Of course not... It was... the judge... (Notices the judge is gone) Y-Your Honor!!!
    Judge: Oh, dear! I, um... I seem to have dropped my pen. Where on earth is it...? Don't mind me! Just carry on with the proceedings as normal!
    Phoenix: (That's it. We're doomed.)
    • And then...
      Phoenix: (Maybe I should have brought a diaper with me today.)
      Maya: (while still under the desk) Get a grip, Nick!
    • Later, Phoenix does it too. Furio Tigre is scary.
      Tigre: So I dare you' to say it again! Come on! You' got the guts!?
      Judge: (still scared) Y-Y-You can't threaten m-me, Mr. Tigre. I-It's the defense! Go ahead and tell the witness, Mr. Wright! (realizes that Wright has disappeared) Mr. Wriight!
      Tigre: Sounds to me like it must be you, old man. Youse got guts, I'll give you that.
      Judge: M-M-Mr. Wright! Do not leave me to handle this alone!
    • Once Phoenix pops back up, this dialogue ensues.
      Godot: Found your pen at last, Trite?
      Phoenix: It was in my pocket.
  • Near the beginning, in an attempt to get information out of a Dirty Old Man, Phoenix drags along Maya in a Trés Bien uniform. Said old man tells her she looks like a kid and to come back in a few years... so she channels her much bustier sister Mia. Hilarity Ensues.
    Phoenix: (Even from beyond the grave... Wow...)
  • Godot refers to Phoenix, Maya, and himself as "the porcu-headed lawyer and the topknot chick over there, and the ungodly cool guy with the mask over here."
  • Furio Tigre's Paper-Thin Disguise. It's just a paper badge, a blue suit, and spiky hair. Maggey Byrde even tells Phoenix at the beginning of the case that all the phony had in common with him was his hair. Besides that, Furio Tigre is red, literally the color red, and acts nothing like Nick! They don't even look alike except for the hair!, and yet, all he got was mild confusion.
  • Jean Armstrong applying oil to himself in front of Phoenix.
  • The judge's sheer lack of knowledge about technology:
    Judge: A "computer virus?" What's that do?
    Phoenix: It's a program that destroys your computer from the inside.
    Judge: A "computer?" What's that do?
    Phoenix: I'll explain after the trial.
    • Related: Maya and Gumshoe have a similarly clueless conversation about viruses during the investigation, and it is priceless. Bonus points for Phoenix Wright, who's already been established to not be very tech-savvy, being the one to explain it.
  • When pressing Gumshoe to bring up the subject of the victim's coffee cup, Godot takes the opportunity to hurl his own cup at Phoenix's head once more.
    Godot: If you have the time to waste, you have the time to present that piece of evidence.
    Gumshoe: Th... THAT piece... sir?
    Godot: Yes. THAT piece.
    Gumshoe: ...Um... Aheh heh heh! Wh-What piece was it again?
    Godot: (fling) This!
    Phoenix: (drenched in coffee) (Should I be happy this coffee is only hot enough to give me first-degree burns?)
  • Phoenix's Batman Gambit is certainly an awesome moment for him, but the way Tigre trips himself up is hilariously stupid. Phoenix presents the medicine bottle as the poison bottle. Tigre laughs and says that he won't be fooled by such a cheap bluff... before immediately being fooled by such a cheap bluff and perfectly describing the poison bottle without any prompting. After the courtroom goes silent at his screw-up, it takes him a full minute to realize it as he tries to get everyone on his side. And even then, still he needed it pointed out to him.
    • Even better is after he describes the bottle, we see the specific reactions of the Judge, who is in wide-eyed shock, and Godot. The latter's reaction deserves special mention since he is royally pissed while his visor is smoking — almost as if he's thinking to himself "You fucking moron!" at Tigre.
  • After Phoenix tricks Tigre into admitting that he's the one who killed Elg, he screams so loud that the power in the courtroom goes out! Related to the above, Godot uses this as yet another chance to leave Phoenix with the contents of his coffee mug spread over his face. The whole screen is black save for Phoenix's eyes, but you'll immediately know what happened when you suddenly hear the telltale *SPAKK* from out of nowhere.
  • When Nick finds out that Gumshoe has a crush on Maggey.
    Phoenix: (Note to self: Gossip with Maya about this later!)
  • When you finally confront Tigre about meeting Elg, you mention at one point that Elg only had 58 cents in his pocket.
    Tigre: What?! Youse saying he's not even gonna pay for his coffee?!
  • In the Trés Bien kitchen, there is a book you can examine. It turns out to be the owner's poetry, and after some encouragement from Maya, Phoenix will read one of the poems out loud, complete with fake French accent. It is amazing.
  • The mere fact that Godot, who wasn't scared at all by Furio Tigre's attempts at intimidation, couldn't avoid having birdseed thrown at him by Victor Kudo.

     Turnabout Beginnings 
  • This case has some of the greatest lines with Mia's thoughts on her hating Edgeworth. She wanted to strangle him with his cravat and call him a hypocrite.
    • Becomes even funnier since Mia is facing off against Edgeworth while he's still a novice, so his quirks and uptight nature are taken up a notch.
  • Gumshoe's (extremely awkward) attempt to hit on Mia.
  • Diego's metaphorical suggestion to Mia that she put salt in her coffee.

     Bridge to the Turnabout 
  • Edgeworth is utterly disgusted by the fact the legal system was deceived by an obvious phony impersonating Nick in Case 3-3 that he worries the country's judicial system has gone down to hell since he left.
  • 'D-do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?' Which can also be seen as a Fandom Nod. Actually, any scene where Edgeworth gets freaked out is likely to be a Funny Moment for someone.
  • Thinking about it, it's not just the 'female masses' line - everything from the part where you play as Edgeworth is concentrated comedy gold. Gumshoe's reaction when you find the staff, the lines when you present evidence incorrectly, and this:
    Edgeworth: (Is there some sort of kick-me sign on the defense's bench!?)
    • The context for that line makes it even funnier: if you press the 4th statement of Sister Bikini's first testimony, Edgeworth eventually asks how long she bathed, and Bikini thinks he's hitting on her. Then he gets whipped by Franziska. And insulted by the judge.
    • Bikini's "bikini" seems to have caused mental trauma not to Edgeworth alone.
      Phoenix: It's so inappropriate. Like Sister Bikini in a bikini! (shudders) ...I've gotta think of kittens...
  • Or this:
  • Presenting the hood to Sister Bikini (while Gumshoe is present) results in the two of them forcing Edgeworth to try it on. There are no custom sprites for this, sadly, but the dialogue strongly implies that they unceremoniously shove it onto his head.
    Edgeworth: No! I can't...! I was just...!
    Bikini: ... Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!
    Gumshoe: Ho ho ho! It's like it was made just for you, Mr. Edgeworth!
    Edgeworth: What do you mean by that, Detective!?
    Bikini: It looks absolutely marvelous! You've just got to keep it on for a while!
    Edgeworth: (Is this some sort of divine retribution...?)
  • What happens when you examine the Camera in the Detention Centre;
    Edgeworth: The camera is glaring at me. "If something glares at you, it's only polite to return the favor," is what I was taught.
  • Also, he misheard Phoenix's description when Nick first loaned him the Magatama, and proceeds to constantly refer to Psyche-Locks as "Psycholocks."
  • The first time Edgeworth breaks a 'Psycholock':
    Edgeworth: (Was it the evidence or the power of my glare that broke that lock...?)
  • Edgeworth's reaction to Larry Butz's Psyche-Locks after he just unlocked three and now there are FIVE of them. Good chances are that the player does the exact same reaction.
    Edgeworth: (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do I have to do it all over again!?)
    • And he'd broken the final one by pointing out that you're not supposed to write the actual phrase "Salutation here" in a letter.
    • Here's a fun fact: this event actually causes Edgeworth to call it quits on the day's investigation. He decides the only way to proceed is to put Larry on the stand and drag the truth out of him. The next day, said person proceeds to make a mockery of the court.
  • This little snippet:
    Larry: Oh... I shouldn’t have done that...
    Edgeworth: (Done what? Maybe I can get some more informa-)
    Gumshoe: (leaps out) Hey! You! About what you just said…I got an objection! (Cornered music plays)
  • Franziska von Karma whipping Larry Butz into unconsciousness. "I demand satisfaction!"
  • At one point, during Bikini's testimony, Edgeworth argues that Iris's delicate body shape means she has not enough body strength to skewer the victim's body with a big sword. Franziska objects by saying that she herself also looks delicate, but can put grown men under her heels and make them cry... which the judge immediately sustains.
  • The part where Larry talks about a "Big Badaboum".
  • When Phoenix has to present Larry's sketch, there are a few options you get in how to present it. "A major contradiction" is the obvious correct answer, but answering "exactly what happened" provides a hilarious snippet of dialogue. "Of course the victim was flying through the air! You can see it right there in the sketch! …Whooooosh!" The sound effects that accompany this make it extremely funny. Godot is so amused/baffled by this explanation that he will waive the penalty; something he won't do if use the third option "absolutely nothing".
  • Larry's, or rather, "Laurice Deauxnim's" evidence.
    Edgeworth: Are...!
    Franziska: You...!
    Judge: High! The girl... She's really high up in this picture!
    • Also, should the player choose not to present said evidence, they get the brilliant:
      Edgeworth: ...I cannot recommend looking at the sketch. His "works of art" are a force of nature best measured on the Richter scale.
      Judge: This courtroom has yet to meet earthquake standards! I think we'd better pass!
  • Sister Bikini being called to the witness stand. She shows up and... all you can see is the top of her hood. The judge asks her to stand up nice and tall. She obliges. Edgeworth tactfully suggests they get her some milk crates to stand on.
    • Even better when you realize what the milk crates are a Call-Back to. Looks like they never cleaned up properly after Max's trial...
  • After clearing Bikini's first testimony, the Judge makes a remark on doubting her memory of what has transpired last night, prompting the sweet lady to suddenly retort with a little sass:
    Bikini: (smiles) Dear, dear, dear. (stern) You're older than me and yet you want to play that game, do you?
    Judge: (clearly regretting what he said) A-Ah, well, that isn't exactly what I...
  • A rather subtle one comes near the end of the game when we find out that Adrian Andrews and Pearl aren't the only people to have ever broken and repaired Ami Fey's Urn.
  • When Edgeworth tells the judge to call Larry Butz to the stand:
    Judge: This guy must be a product of "Jean-Luc de Laduc's Guide To Obnoxious French Painting".
  • When Larry takes the stand, players are probably wondering how long it will take before Franziska starts whipping him. She whips him before he even gets one word out.
  • This testimony:
    Butz: I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her!
    Edgeworth: Hold it! So you searched all over for her?
    Butz: She was flying pretty high, you know. I thought maybe she slipped on her landing and got hurt. Hey! It was more than possible! Also, when I headed out to the shack the first time, I was snacking on a banana. I was pretty sure I threw the peel away somewhere around there, so, you know...
    Edgeworth: ... (Can one guy really be this stupid?)
    Edgeworth: So, did you find any signs of her so-called "landing"?
    Butz: Hmm... I don't really remember. I kept on falling over myself, and kinda lost it for a while there.
    Judge: You... fell over yourself?
    Butz: Yeah. The snow was deep, and there was even a banana peel out there!
    Edgeworth: (Yup. There's stupid, and then there's Larry Butz.)
  • During the investigation, Phoenix stumbles across Gumshoe... who is singing. Kudo's military-esque theme is playing in the background. "Every case gonna be airtight..." Bonus points for the lyrics being a parody of "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley.
    Phoenix: Hmm. I didn't know Detective Gumshoe was a fan of reggae.
  • Near the end, despite the serious and heavy nature of the current testimony, the Judge notes that one bit sounds quite reasonable. Phoenix retorts that said testimony creates a glaring contradiction. The Judge, having recently gained quite an open mind, simply nods and responds.
    Judge: That makes sense. After all, my deductions are almost certainly never correct.
  • After the final case is finished, Gumshoe decides to take Phoenix and the others to a certain high-class French restaurant: Trés Bien.
    Phoenix: (I knew it... We're doomed.)
  • Larry and Pearl's little pity-party at the Heavenly Hall is really, really amusing for some reason.
    Larry: My life's here now, with Pearl. Two losers cooking potatoes together forevermore!
  • Pressing Larry's first statement ("I was at the lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars that night.") during his first cross-examination yields this exchange where he invalidates his own testimony:
    Edgeworth: Hold it! ...
    Judge: What ever is the matter, Mr. Edgeworth?
    Edgeworth: This one statement is so full of contradictions... For a moment there I thought I was going to collapse.
    Judge: Hmm...
    von Karma: So, witness? Any idea where these contradictions in your testimony lie? Depending on your answer...I may let my whip have its way.
    Butz: OK, give me a minute... Well, it was snowing that night so I couldn't have possibly seen the stars. That run-down shack is hardly a "lodge", is it...? And even if the stars could be seen, it isn't like I was there to look at them, right?
    Edgeworth: ...
    von Karma: See? You can do it if you try.
    • Especially when Phoenix pressed Larry's first statement in the very first game ("That night, I was out in a boat on the lake.") in a very similar manner.
    Phoenix: Hold it! ...
    Judge: Something wrong, Mr. Wright?
    Phoenix: There were so many things wrong I don't know where to begin...
    Judge: Ah...
  • Phoenix and Franziska investigate several places together. Naturally, the dialogue is priceless.
    Franziska: Don't you Americans like doing anything you please and simply saying "Whatever!"
    Phoenix: No! (Okay, who told her about that!?)
    • That segment of the game also gives us a few lines that show that Franziska is actually prone to ditziness once in a while. It's absolutely adorable, given her generally serious personality; she asks Phoenix very matter-of-factly if the Eagle River once hosted a prosperous port, having assumed the metal hook for the bridge cord was for mooring ships. Phoenix's internal commentary on it suggests that he's baffled that she seems to sincerely believe the training grounds were once host to a port. Though he corrects her quite politely aloud, she guessed what he was thinking and whipped him. She also came to the conclusion that when Americans run out of paint, they use gravy.
  • Present Franziska's picture to Gumshoe when she is there. He hesitates before saying she is a beauty and then gets whipped.
    • Examining the Main Hall from outside prompts a conversation where Franziska sounds legitimately concerned about Sister Bikini. Of course, Phoenix brings that up, and out comes the whip.
  • The first conversations of the first trial are madness. There's just something so funny about Franziska and Edgeworth trolling the judge and each other at the same time.
    • Phoenix constantly being on both of their minds is also strangely amusing.
      Edgeworth: (after spotting an important contradiction) (It's not a bad feeling at all, exposing contradictions like this. Now I understand that happy look on Wright's face every time he does it...)
      [and later, when Edgeworth's case is on the ropes]
      Franziska: That look in your eyes... You remind me of Phoenix Wright when he is cornered.
      Edgeworth: [calmly] That should come as no surprise. (Because right now I am Phoenix Wright, and I am indeed cornered...!)
  • Oldbag appearing in the credits.
  • Larry's matter-of-fact comments on his sketch that seems to depict Iris flying in the air.
    Larry: I wish she'd take better care of herself. We have to plan for our future, you know! What would've happened to her if she had injured herself flying like that...?
  • When you examine the Shichishito/Ami Fey statue, Gumshoe rather cheerfully informs Edgeworth that the prints on the sword belong to Iris. Presumably, Edgeworth has pulled out his damage animation/zombie-with-stomach-flu face again because of what happens next:
    Gumshoe: ... What's wrong? You're looking really solemn.
    Edgeworth: Is this how it feels for Wright? Is this what it's like to be a defence lawyer?
    Gumshoe: Yeah, I figure it doesn't really feel good.
    Edgeworth: ... (To be honest, it feels more like it's detrimental to your health.)
    (cheerful sound of the Shichishito being added to the court record)
  • This conversation during Phoenix's meeting with Franziska. Phoenix's thoughts on Franziska's claims of how she wants him crushed and whipped. Which cue to Franzika's whipping ON HIM:
    Franziska: And that's precisely why I am here. Your personal involvement will make crushing you into teensy weensy pieces all the better!
    Phoenix: ... (It's probably the fever, but... She's so openly hostile that it's almost kinda cute.) (whipped) OWW!
    Franziska: No smirking!
    Phoenix: No whipping the sick!
  • When Phoenix and Franziska finally locate Pearl, Franziska takes an immediate shine to her and tries to act like a Cool Big Sis. Unfortunately, she's forgotten about the fact that she intended to get Maya a guilty verdict in the previous game, but Pearl didn't forget, and she leaves Franziska speechless at her response:
    Franziska: It must be very trying for you, little girl.
    Pearl: Ah! You're...
    Franziska: I am Franziska von Karma. The Prodigy. There's no need to worry now that I'm here.
    Pearl: You're the prosecutor who was so mean to Mystic Maya last year.
    Franziska: (shocked) Well...
    Pearl: I... I don't like you. You're nothing but a little girl without your whip!
    Franziska: ...!
    Pearl: Mystic Maya didn't do anything wrong, but you were so mean! I'll never forgive you!
    Franziska: I... I... ...!
    Phoenix: (It looks like Pearls's words are getting under her skin...)
    Franziska: ............ (angrily whips Phoenix)
    Phoenix: Yeowwww! Why are you whipping me!? I didn't even say anything!
    Franziska: You didn't have to. (points at him) The smile on your lips gave you away!
    • Who doesn't smile after Phoenix's remark on Pearls before he gets whipped?
    • Later this gets a Call-Back: during an examine text in the Training Hall, you can get Franziska to brag about how Von Karmas never back down from anything, leading Phoenix to (mentally) quip something to the effect of "anything but a nine year old girl."
  • Gumshoe's "Special Gumshoe Investigation" of the upside-down blood writing on the stone lantern reaches the conclusion that, in the night of the crime, the stone lantern was upside-down.
  • Pearl misunderstanding the rather ominous "Gravely roast the Master in the fire of Hades" as "Take a bunch of gravy from the roast we ate, and pour it on a picture of the Master". Even better because it's an actual plot point.
  • A few profiles and two pieces of evidence are loaded with snark when playing as Edgeworth.
  • The whole concept of unlimited penalty.
  • Some of the conversations between the characters are more or less the same, whether you're there as Miles Edgeworth or Phoenix Wright, with the only changes being the characters' own observations. One example is when Gumshoe thinks about what might have been had he never become a detective. Edgeworth notes that all of Gumshoe's other choices of employment involve joining the police force in some manner or another, while Phoenix notes the comic potential of Gumshoe as the Blue Badger.
  • Godot mentions in passing the time he "took a swig of Worcestershire sauce."