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Trivia / Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

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  • Development Gag: Edgeworth reconnects with Penny Nichols, a minor witness from the first Ace Attorney game, in "The Grand Turnabout". Edgeworth notes internally that while he spoke with her numerous times, he had completely forgotten who she was until she introduced herself again. This is a reference to the fact that even the development team found Penny so utterly forgettable that simply remembering her name was considered a mark of accomplishment.
  • Expy: In GK1, we have a crime syndicate that does practically every evil activity in the book being investigated by Interpol. Sounds a lot like Shadaloo.
    • The president in GK2's first case resembles Sun Won Kong, the Monkey King.
  • Fan Nickname: The Fan Translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 localizes the characters' names as follows:
    • Teikun Ou = Di-Jun Huang
    • Gai Tojiro = Ethan Rooke
    • Manosuke Naitou = Horace Knightley
    • Mikiko Hayami = Nicole Swift
    • Hakari Mikagami = Justine Courtney
    • Yumihiko Ichiyanagi = Sebastian Debeste
    • Tateyuki Shigaraki = Raymond "Ray" Shields
    • Souta Sarushiro = Simon Keyes
    • Shuuji Orinaka = Jay Elbird
    • Marie Miwa = Patricia Roland
    • Ryouken Houinbo = Sirhan Dogen
    • Issei Tenkai = Jeff Master
    • Tsukasa Oyashiki = Katherine Hall
    • Isaku Hyoudou = Isaac Dover
    • Paul Holic = Pierre Hoquet
    • Delicy Scone = Delicia Scones
    • Yutaka Kazami = Dane Gustavia
    • Wataru Shirase = Rip Lacer
    • Touko Mutou = Karin Jenson
    • Otome Itami = Bonnie Young
    • Tsubasa Kagome = Jill Crane
    • Bansai Ichiyanagi = Blaise Debeste
    • Borumosu = Moozilla
    • Shimon Aizawa = John Marsh
    • Ryuji Kamei = Jack Cameron
    • Ami Aizawa = Amy Marsh
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    • For the game itself: Ace Attorney Investigations, before that title was bestowed, was called Perfect Prosecutor by the fandom (though early announcements in Nintendo Power magazine also used that name).
    • Gumshoe had been 'Gummy' to the fandom for years beforehand, but Kay makes the nickname canon.
    • Detective Badd is usually referred to as "Detective Baddass", simply because of how much of a Badass he is.
  • Milestone Celebration: The main reason Frank Sahwit was added to the second game was because of the series's tenth anniversary.
  • Name's the Same: Jacques Portsman's Japanese name, Makoto Yuki, is very, very close to the name of Persona 3's protagonist, Makoto Yuuki (as well as the Ensemble Stars! character that shares his name).
  • No Export for You: Scheduling reasons prevented the 2nd game from being localized. Immediately after Investigations 2 was released in Japan, the team of developers were disbanded and moved towards different departments to work on new games, so they were never given a chance to localize it. That doesn't mean that it'll be impossible to ever see it localized, but they can't make any promises.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Edgeworth's flashback to the DL-6 incident in the 4th case is masked heavily and bordered by a "cloudy" filter (in addition to the series standard of merely putting flashbacks in black and white) to hide the fact that it is reused from the original GBA game (and thus has a 240 × 160 resolution with a 15 bit color depth on a 256 × 192 screen with 18 bit color depth) while Investigations is otherwise free of such sprite reuse (contrast Apollo Justice, where such reuse is very blatant when it occurs).
    • This also explains why Gumshoe looks exactly the same except for his tan coat. Gumshoe was dressed that way in Trials & Tribulations during case 4, which takes place in the same relative era. Back then it was due to the inability to fit an entirely new sprite in the game for a character who already exists, so they just did it via Palette Swap. The DS has considerably more storage space for sprites, but Gumshoe still retains the same physical appearance because that's what he looked like as told by the third game.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Concept art for Shi-Long Lang featured him shirtless, with the constellation of Orion scarred on his chest. Seems the director objected to the toplessness, even after a feather boa was added to cover the nipples.
    • A trailer shows Kay appearing in Turnabout Airlines. Whether this means Kay would have first appeared earlier, or that Turnabout Airlines was originally a later case, is anybody's guess.
    • Originally the concept of the game involved Ema Skye as the protagonist and the game would focus on forensics tactics. It would have actually had her doing investigations alongside Edgeworth during the original trilogy and alongside Klavier during Apollo Justice.
    • Concept art sketches show that Quercus Alba's design went through a phase with him looking much more like a gnarly old tree.
    • Before it was a detective simulator, it apparently was going to be a dating sim.

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