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  • Breakaway Pop Hit: The Bangles' cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Hazy Shade of Winter" was a hit to the point of almost Covering Up the original.
  • Completely Different Title: Some of the film's english translations of this film's foreign film titles were as follows:
    • Argentina: Corrupción en Beverly Hills (Corruption in Beverly Hills)
    • Denmark: Livet i overhalingsbanen (Life in the Fast Lane)
    • Finland: Alta Nollan (Under Nothing)
    • France: Neige sur Beverly Hills (Snow on Beverly Hills)
    • Germany: Unter Null (Under Zero)
    • Israel: Young in Trap
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    • Italy: Al Di Là Di Tutti i Limiti (Beyond All the Limits)
    • Spain: Golpe al Sueño Americano (A Blow to the American Dream)
    • Sweden: Noll Att Förlora (Nothing to Lose).
  • Disowned Adaptation: Bret Easton Ellis hated the film initially. He admits that the film bears no resemblance to his novel but that it captured, "a certain youth culture during that decade that no other movie caught", and felt that it was miscast with the exceptions of Robert Downey Jr.. and James Spader. Furthermore, he has said:
    I think that movie is gorgeous, and the performances that I thought were shaky seem much better now. Like, Jami Gertz seems much better to me now than she did 20 years ago. It's something I can watch.
  • Reality Subtext: Robert Downey Jr. playing a drug addict. 'Nuff said.
  • What Could Have Been: Keanu Reeves was originally to play Clay Easton.

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