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Trivia / Le Bossu (1959)

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  • Acting for Two: Both Isabelle de Caylus and her daughter Aurore are played by German actress Sabine Sesselmann, except for the film's end scene where both of them embrace upon being reunited, with the Fake Shemp Blanche's face being hidden.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: The castle of Caylus is actually the castle of Pierrefonds, which was used for at least ten more movies, four of which (The Eagle with two Heads, Le Capitan, Le Miracle des Loups and Peau d'Âne) starred Jean Marais. It was later used for Les Visiteurs 2 and Joan of Arc.
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  • Production Posse: Jean Marais and Bourvil teamed up again for Le Capitan in 1960, directed once again by André Hunebelle. Actor and stuntman Guy Delorme played a mook in Le Bossu and The Dragon Rinaldo in Le Capitan. Jean Marais later played in the Fantômas series, which was directed by André Hunebelle, again.


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