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Trivia / Johnny English

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  • Creator Backlash: Rowan Atkinson thought the film had "five good jokes and a lot of longueurs".
  • Fake Nationality: We have an American as a Frenchman (John Malkovich) and an Australian as an English agent serving as an Interpol liaison (Natalie Imbruglia).
  • Market-Based Title: At least one version (the Brazilian) uses Mr. Bean's name on the film's title due to the character's popularity instantly associating Rowan Atkinson with him there. He is still referred to in the film as Johnny English, though.
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  • Missing Trailer Scene: Trailers for the film featured a bit where Johnny receives a call from MI7 asking if he remembers being told that he'd only be made an official agent if all the others were dead; Johnny responds in the affirmative, and is simply told to "put some bloody clothes on and get over here." This scene appears at no point in the actual film.


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