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  • "You are now in the safest location in the whole of England." BOOM! That scene was all done in one take and Rowan Atkinson kept a straight face the whole time.
  • During the chase scene, Johnny gets flashed by a speed camera while his Aston is in mid-air. He immediately sets off a rocket from the car's exhaust the blows up the camera, and smiles to himself afterwards.
  • Johnny again in the car park scene, picking up on the Imminent Danger Clue that Felch's voice didn't sound right, which likely saved both his life and Bough's.
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  • Johnny may be an Idiot Hero, but he comes up with some fairly good plans to try and expose Sauvage as the Big Bad. Sure, Bough and Lorna may be better than him at actually carrying them out, but said plans are thought of solely by Johnny. Yes, the plan to break into Sauvage's building is outlined by Bough, but the plan was Johnny's idea, as he states in the car park scene and after Bough outlines it.
  • This scene:
    Archbishop of Canterbury: And do you the chosen Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland assent to this anointment?
    Scottish Bishop: For Scotland I do.
    Welsh Bishop: For Wales I do.
    Johnny English (disguised as English bishop): For England—(removes bishop disguise)—I DO NOT!
  • Johnny English accidentally getting crowned and making his first command as King.
    Johnny: Arrest this man and lock him away!


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