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Trivia / inFAMOUS: Second Son

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  • Development Gag: There are boatloads of references to Sly Cooper in this game.
    • One of the button's on Delsin's vest is Sly's logo, and his ringtone is the main theme to Thieves in Time.
    • Sly's logo appears graffiti'd on numerous walls throughout the game
    • There's a children's playground with three raccoons as mascots, each with a different element of Sly (his hat, his cane, and a moneybag). Sly has also been drawn on the walls by children, along with his friends Bentley and Murray.
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    • There's a law firm called Cooper & MacGrath (also a reference to previous Infamous protagonist Cole MacGrath) that uses Sly's logo as theirs.
    • There's a gas station in the game called Panda King Gas, a reference to another Sly character.
    • You can find books in the Longhouse titled "Thievius Racoonus Vol #".
    • If you sit next to the "Nex Jen" building where "Reggie Takes Flight" ends, you can hear a version of the song from the "Alter Ego" hacking minigame from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
  • Dueling Games: Formed one with Sunset Overdrive, as the two games were both colorful Wide-Open Sandbox videogames with focus on maneuvering and elements of dystopian settings, on top of Second Son being exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Sunset to be exclusive to Xbox One and both releasing in 2014. The overall outcome is arguable; both games received fairly similar reviews (with Sunset edging Infamous by one point) and Infamous proving to be a much bigger success, selling over a million copies in a week while Sunset struggled with sales.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Some British players (especially those from Northern Ireland) may find it funny that the Department of Unified Protection shares its initials with the Democratic Unionist Party.
    • Furthermore, Russian localization of Second Son translates "DUP" abbreviation into "ДЕЗ", which, in turn, is also a name of a real house-repairing organization in Moscow.
  • Referenced by...: YouTube channel PlayStation Access features occasional contributions from a badger puppet named Delsin Rodent.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Troy Baker and Travis Willingham, who play the Rowe brothers, are close friends in real life - Travis was the best man at Troy's wedding, and vice versa. Travis himself is married to Laura Bailey, who voices Abigail Walker. The three have also worked together many times. Listing every single time they've done so would take far too much time to list.
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  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the devs had planned to make the evil ending of inFAMOUS 2 the canon ending leading into Second Son. However, when they looked at the achievement statistics for 2, they saw that the vast majority of players had seen the good ending but not the evil ending. Not wanting to alienate or lock out said players, they opted to make the good ending canon.
  • Word of God: Delsin has been said to be better at Parkour than Cole.