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Hello, you've caught me Describing PlayStation Access Here.

Robert! Are you wasting time on that TV Topics site?

Mum, it's for work. I want their readers to know about our show!

Well hurry up! I need the computer to upload my latest set of pictures of kittens in sweaters!

PlayStation Access is an official PlayStation based channel on YouTube. It's based in the UK, and the original hosts were Rob Pearson, Nathan Ditum, Dave Jackson, and Hollie Bennett. Dan Wheeler and Rosie Caddick joined the team in 2018, and Hollie left in January 2019. Ash Millman joined in 2020. The videos are varied, but some of the most common are:

  • A scripted list of games that fit the video's topic. Rob usually hosts these.
  • The "Tuesday Checklist," in which the team take turns to talk about a topic inspired by a recent game release.
  • Just watching the cast play games.

The site also likes to use titles that spell out the subject as clearly as possible. So if they happen to do a Discussed Trope, the title makes it clear that the whole video will be about that trope.

See also Outside Xbox, another similar game channel (and also based in the UK).

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