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There are manufactured Conduits
Instead of the Ray Sphere simply missing some conduits, it'll turn out there's manufactured ones unaffected by it. Who and why will be a major part of the story, the obvious answer being the DUP who are now trying to cover their traps. Exactly how they managed to turn non-conduits into Conduits will be part of the mystery. The First Sons trafficking future tech might be involved.
  • Confirmed, even early on it's clear that DUP soldiers are using Augustine's power and the audio logs confirms they were granted it by her somehow. The part about only manufactured conduits is Jossed though, as it's made clear by the age of characters and the fairly small time-skip that there were conduits the RFI missed.

Delsin's element is conduitism itself
As conduits all have a specific element for their power - electricity, glass, wire etc - either natural or man-made, it seems very strange that Delsin only has one ability with no associated thing. So Delsin's element is the Conduit gene itself. Absorbing those powers is just the same as absorbing the elements that fuel them. Logically, it follows that he could also give powers should he choose to (and figure out that he can).

Delsin's element is the mind/body itself
An alternative to the conduitism theory is that his element is either the mind or the body or even DNA, allowing him to copy the specific mechanisms that enable specific powers, and also explaining his mind reading abilities. Let's hope that he - especially an evil he - never develops his own elemental powers further.

The First Sons are the DUP
The tile is foreshadowing, and the First Sons are collecting surviving Conduits to find out why they were unaffected to try and find a way to make a new Ray Sphere.
  • Jossed, the First Sons have absolutely zero direct involvement.

Infamous 3 will be about Zeke trying to revive Cole.
Good Cole survived the RFI, but in a weak comatose state, thanks to having some of Kuo's powers. Zeke gets a tip on how to revive Cole, and then builds a suit to shoot lightning and stuff (he built the AMP, so he must be familiar with how Cole's powers work).
  • The AMP just allows Cole to focus his powers; Zeke wasn't close to replicating Cole's techniques. And even if Zeke were to somehow recreate Cole's abilities, where is he going to get the energy for it? Even Cole needed to suck the power from other sources to recharge fairly quickly. How would Zeke create technology to drain the same level of energy, and avoid overloading durning demanding tasks that wore out a superhuman like Cole? As a final note, Zeke's homemade batteries are known to explode.
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  • Pseudo-Jossed. Game is about new Conduit, Delsin Rowe, fighting government agency out to get him. Zeke or Cole could still show up though.
  • Zeke shows up in the Cole's Legacy DLC (pre-order only in the US) and only as a voice, but Cole himself doesn't show up.

If there's ever a third game, it'll be about Kessler and his timeline
Since the good and bad karma ending for inFamous 2 are irreconcilably different, they can't really follow on Cole's story. If Sucker Punch end up doing a third game, it'll follow how Kessler got his powers, whatever challenges he had to face and possibly some time-travel dickery at some point.

If there is a third game it will star a new conduit and radiation powers
This new conduit will have a life that is in reflection of Cole's but different. He will have had his powers since childhood and has been on the run believing people will see him as a freak until in one city the 'shiola hits the fan' and he has to fight in order to protect people. Zeke will be in that city, as The Obi-Wan, and explain to the new hero about the history of conduits and the sacrifice of a saint. This inspires the new conduit to be a hero.

inFAMOUS 3 will have Cole as the villain and take place in a rebuilt Empire City.
Taking into account that the Conduit gene was naturally occurring, it's not a stretch that it could continue coming forth even after the canon 'Good' ending of inFAMOUS 2. inFAMOUS 3 will reveal that the 'Evil' powers of a conduit are the true potential of those powers, that the Conduit Gene is, in itself, EVIL. However, the use of these abilities for good purposes augments them to the user's will. We discover that Cole, who is entombed in New Empire City, comes back to life as an empty shell controlled purely by his Conduit powers, which have a sentience of their own. The new hero will be of the new generation of Conduit users, with the ability to control earth and plants, hence giving him an edge over Cole's electrical powers.
  • Takes place in Seattle. Cole could show up though.

Evil Second Son powers will include chainblades
  • Semi-jossed. His chain takes on a Laser Blade form with Neon and Video, but never anything alluding to God of War.

Delsin will be more arrogant than Cole
Going by the trailer. His hero choices will teach him humility and the Infamous side will make him worse. Unlike Cole, it also seems he's happy to gain powers from the get go.
  • His evil karma definitely makes him worse, but even good karma he stays pretty smug.

Delsin is Kessler's son.
Son of the leader of the First Sons = Second Son! Though honestly, Kessler was around for decades, it's entirely possible he had another relationship 18 years before inFAMOUS.
  • Would that also make him Sasha's kid?
  • No, Sasha and Kessler only began a relationship after John White infiltrated the First Sons. It would have to have been another woman.
    • Jossed, Delsin's parents are known and dead, and Delsin himself is Native enough that it's immediately obvious.

Alternately, Delsin is Cole's brother, under a new name.
I recall that Cole mentioned he had a younger brother at some point during the second game. Maybe it was an example of a Chekhov's Gun.
  • Jossed: The E3 trailer shows that Delsin has a brother who is a cop. Cole only mentioned one brother.

This game will be similar to Bioshock Infinite.
In the vein that it will be VERY heavy on story and will have a Deus ex Machina ending that will Mind Screw the player.
  • Jossed; both Karma endings are very blunt with how they play out, the repercussions not doing much else but leaving a Sequel Hook.

Zeke and/or Cole will appear.
In the good ending of inFAMOUS 2, the boat that Cole and Zeke are on is hit by lightning in the shape of a question mark. While this could easily just be Sucker Punch hinting at another game, it could also be how Cole comes back to life, with the lightning 'recharging' Cole like a dead battery. Alternately, Cole could still be dead, but Zeke could return to teach Delsin how to use his powers and how to fight the government. He was, after all, very against government control in the first inFAMOUS.
  • Zeke does make a brief voice cameo during the Cole's Legacy DLC and but has no other larger role, as of now at least.

Delsin was the Beast in Kessler's original timeline, and becomes it again in the Evil ending
In the original timeline, John may not have been fused with the Ray Sphere since the events of inFAMOUS never happened. Also, considering the Beast in Kessler's timeline was out for destruction and hunted Kessler for years, it seems he wasn't the same Beast (John White) that went across the countryside activating Conduits.

In Kessler's timeline, ~8 years from what would have been the Empire City Ray Sphere Event, Cole marries Trish and has two daughters, the government slides further into becoming a Police State, and the First Sons are still working on the Ray Sphere without Kessler's guidance. Delsin, a fire and smoke powered Conduit rallies against the tightening grip of the government, and in this timeline, is or becomes canonically Infamous. As his powers become stronger, he becomes closer and closer to the fire-and-brimstone Beast from Kessler's vision, and eventually grows strong enough to wipe out the government altogether, and begins hunting strong Conduits to give him a good fight. Kessler jumps back in time and sets into motion the events of the first two games.

In Cole's timeline, Kessler's meddling accidentally created a second Beast, when dormant Conduit John White is merged with the exploding Ray Sphere. Delsin, the player character, would be able to be good or evil, and his last upgrade could be a Super Mode that turns him into, what would be familiar to the player as, the Beast. The final decision of the game would then be to continue on and repeat the cycle by becoming the Beast or to reject destiny.

  • Jossed, The Beast is only directly mentioned once in Augustine's memories and has no involvement in the plot otherwise.

Cole survived and has taken on a Kessler-like role
If Cole managed to survive the RFI blast at the end of inFamous 2, or otherwise was brought back to life, he realizes he can't go back to his old way of life with Trish dead, and having nothing left for him to do with the Beast gone, when the government begins to crack down on Conduits, Cole decides to follow in Kessler's footsteps, and leads his own group (the Second Sons, maybe?). In canon, Cole would have had to have taken the good ending, so Cole would be the Big Good of the game. If Delsin is played evil, Cole is the Final Boss.
  • Jossed. As already said on this page, Cole doesn't show up at all.

You'll get lightning powers in the game
Sucker Punch can't just pull away from the lightning motif that's been representing inFAMOUS for years. Maybe you'd get some sort of ability that is connected to electricity. Sucker Punch did say that the smoke powers are only the tip of the iceberg
  • Delsin does have Power Copying, so there's no story reason stopping him.
  • Jossed; electricity is not part of Delsin's acquired powers.

Power Copying will create additional "power sources" to absorb
If Deslin can copy powers, wouldn't it be possible that he might copy the absorption/recharge techniques for that particular power set? For example, say he obtained electrical powers like Cole... would that not allow him to absorb the car's power instead of blowing the car up to absorb the smoke like for his base powerset?
  • Definitely confirmed as of the Neon trailer.
  • In-game, he can absorb Smoke from a damaged or destroyed car, or Neon from intact cars that have underlights.

This is part of the original time line.
In the first infamous game we found out that Kessler was really Cole from a future where he didn't become a villain or a hero but instead ran away from his problems and ended up having everything he loved taken away from him by The Beast. This game will lead up to these events and will ultimately lead to Delsin Rowe being a Doomed Protagonist as he'll be erased from history.

Delsin will unlock flying powers at some point in the game.
Being able to turn into a cloud of smoke and fly about isn't that much of a stretch.
  • Confirmed. All of his power sets have the ability to let him hover for a bit while two powers, smoke and video, let him do a sort of air dash.

Cole's Brother will appear in the game
Most likely he has similar powers to Cole.
  • Jossed. Nobody related to Cole appears.

General ideas for powers.
  • Earth manipulation.
    • Confirmed, but Concrete is a very specific variation of Earth.
  • Water manipulation. Remember, this is Seattle. Rain's as common as air over there.
    • Water and ice are denied by the creators. Stating that the former is common while the other is too rare. Coffee powers are also not allowed.

Second Son refers to both Delsin and a splinter group of the First Sons lead by Zeke
In that Delsin is the younger between him and Reggie while the splinter group is a new group lead by a secondary protagonist.

There will be a Downloadable Content dealing with Werewolves.
Delsin is a Contrasting Sequel Main Character after all. Like with Festival of Blood, it'll be a made up story but with him being Native American it can be portrayed as a modernization of lore passed down through the generations.
  • This will turn out to actually be a story told by Betty to the reservation kids, eager to hear more about Delsin's incredible exploits.

Zeke will appear in the game.
And outside of being Properly Paranoid about the government, he'll seem like a crazy homeless guy who talks to Delsin about Cole but in a way that implies he's still alive. Delsin of course would brush him off at first but in the ending monologue Delsin will say something about Zeke not being so crazy after all as he sees in the distant that blue lightning crashes down and goes off to greet(good karma) or fight(bad karma) the individual who has just arrived.
  • Semi-confirmed. He makes a brief cameo in the Cole's Legacy DLC, but that's the extent of his involvement.

This game will reference the first but be different at the same time.
All the conduits will either be natural like Kessler or similar to Kuo (injected with stuff is what is believe to give her those powers). The game will end similarly too, with a few key differences between Good and Bad Karma.

Laura Bailey will voice someone.
We've already got Troy Baker and Travis Willingham as the Rowe brothers, so the odds of Laura showing up to complete the trio are pretty high. Bonus points if her character turns out to be Reggie's wife/love interest, what with her and Travis being married and all.
  • Confirmed. She does voice a character, but it seems to be Anti-Villain 'Fetch' (A Conduit with electric powers, it seems), not Reggie's love interest/wife (As far as we know, at least. This is all based on the most recent trailer)
  • It's since been confirmed that Fetch has Neon powers and that she's Delsin's love interest to some extent.

Reggie is a Conduit.
Given that being a Conduit is genetic, it's highly likely that he has the gene. With that in mind, the only question is how this will come into play.
  • Option One) He's had powers longer than his brother, and just has been concealing them.
  • Option Two) Depending on karma choices, he'll get powers due to something Delsin does, but with a horrible price, or he'll get them from the DUP, at no price beyond working with them.
  • Option Three) Reggie has the exact same power as Delsin, and copies Delsin's collection of powers in time to take over as the player character.
    • All Jossed, Reggie tests negative on the conduit detectors entering Seattle, so he doesn't even have the gene.

All the powers Delsin gets are going to fall under the air motif
His first power is Smoke, the air equivalent to fire, and then there's Neon, which the lighting type of the same name requires gas to be in use. It also shows how he contrasts Cole, who used Lightning an element commonly associated with Air when in relation to a sky god such as Zeus but can also be associated with fire(plasma).
  • So he won't get water powers but nothing stops him from getting Vapor, he won't get Earth powers but instead gets Dust and any of the other powers goes along these lines. Nice.
  • Half-confirmed. Most of the powers that Delsin can get fall under the air motif. The sole exception is Concrete, and that can be explained by the fact that it comes from Delsin's arch-foe.

The RFI Only killed Conduits that produced Ray field radiation.
Cole only died because he was drained dry of electricity.

There will be a radio or wi fi power in the game .
  • That kind of stuff is rather prevalent these days, true, but... how would such a power even work? Also, I don't think companies want to perpetuate the notion some people have about prevalent wifi being a harmful force, as somebody would inevitably draw on that as "evidence" for their argument.
    • Confirmed, Video takes the form of technological waves and signals and allows Delsin to travel through satellites, the conduit you fight who's much more used to their power even has his own reality in an online game (which is where you fight him).

The Rowe Brothers' parents died due to the Ray Field Inhibitor
Hearing this is followed with a se7en like karma moment.

A teenage boy with electrical powers will appear at random points
He'll turn out to be a clone of Cole artificially aged to his physical age. He'll also be only a half clone with the other half coming from Trish and his name will be Charles or Char for short. Char Cole.
  • Jossed; no such individual ever appeared.

It will be revealed that Cole suffered a Fate Worse than Death
The Stinger of Infamous 2 implies that, even if Cole is dead, his body can still attract lightning. Second Son will reveal that he is being used as a power source for the DUP / antagonist.
  • Or is now a being of pure electricity and basically wandering the world wherever a storm takes him or via power lines.

Cole's brother will appear at some point.
Either he'll be conduit with similar powers to Cole or he'll be a minor Batman expy with his gadgets provided and created by Zeke. His and Zeke's ultimate goal will be to clear Cole's name but they'll also take the time to be Stealth Mentors to Delsin.

All Conduit powers can be used to heal the sick and wounded.
With Cole, it was slightly understandable how he could heal the injured people laying in the street, since he was a human defibrillator. But Delsin simply uses his smoke powers to lift them off the ground and onto their feet. How does this work exactly? Maybe all Conduit powers, no matter what they are, are able to be used to heal others just by their nature.
  • Possibly confirmed, as all of the powers Delsin copies heal people the same, not just smoke. But it may just be a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation to keep from forcing you to switch powers to heal people.
  • Given that Conduits tend to have an innate Healing Factor, perhaps they also have an innate empathetic power to share a portion of that regenerative capability to others via their elemental power? Sure, it might not cure major, potentially mortal wounds like "a dozen concrete spikes embedded through your lower body", but for something like a stray bullet wound, no biggie.
  • Cole's abilities are based off his own augmented bio-electricity so presumably his powers already have some traction in other humans to facilitate some of the the various tricks he can pick up (healing, friendly fire not murdering civies, his grenades auto-restraining foes, ect). Delsin's base power seems to be absorbing conduit power so its possible he's just transferring a portion of his powers into the wounded. The other conduits never demonstrate any healing abilities to my knowledge so maybe only certain conduits can jury-rig their powers into healing and the like.

DUP troops go through the same procedure as Vermaak 88.
Augustine was able to reconstruct the technology and use it to begin transferring her powers to the soldiers. Once the first batch was made, the original subjects could be used as the source for more.
  • Hopefully she perfected the process or they'll go crazy. Although, considering how much of a monster she is, it would be in-character if she let them go crazy to help her cause.

Sasha will appear in a DLC mission or through other means.
In some informant logs as well as on the Conduit quiz online, tar is mentioned as a power used by some Conduits. While there are surely more Conduits out there with tar manipulation powers, Sasha comes to mind as one of the prominent ones (the other being Nix, who is dead.) Since we never found out where Sasha went, this seems likely to this troper.

Reggie could have survived.
Reggie is covered in concrete in a very similar manner to how Hank is at the start of the game. He falls just before it starts to cover his face, but given the rate it's growing, it's extremely possible Reggie was completely covered when he hit the water. If if he was fished out quickly enough and uncovered, it's possible he could still be alive. Unlikely, but possible. And granted he would have some pretty nasty injuries from falling from such a height. As to who would do it;
  • The D.U.P under Augustine's orders. Maybe she wanted to use Reggie as a bargaining tool, maybe she wanted to use him for some other reason. Either way it's possible the D.U.P were able to retrieve Reggie in time.
  • Zeke. He has a network of people working with him, it's likely he and a few others were keeping an eye on Delsin, and by proxy, Reggie. When Reggie fell, either Zeke or someone in his network retrieved him from the water.

Also Reggie will come back as a water conduit
His dip in the water will awaken conduit powers that control water much to his surprise and then proceed to mock every other character for their Super Drowning Skills.

The RFI only got rid of weaker Conduits
  • When Cole used the RFI, it only killed the strong conduits within a certain radius, like the Beast and Cole himself. The wave then only killed those with weak Conduit genes that only gave them weak to somewhat-strong telekinesis or other psychic powers. The Conduits who manipulate elements, like Augustine's concrete powers, or Conduits with psychic powers equal to Alden Tate's would be too strong to be killed by the RFI unless they were within the radius where the RFI effect was the strongest. It would explain why the Conduits are only described as beings who control elements despite there being Conduits in the past who had psychic powers like telekinesis.

Celia will be a main villain in Infamous 3/Second Son 2
Considering Delsin put her on the path to killing normals by accident, she will have to be dealt with sometime in the future and may have to be mercy killed to stop her rampage.
  • If not the main villain, at least she provides a reason for Delsin to travel to a new city in pursuit of her.
    • Considering his power set at the end of the game, Las Vegas could be a good choice. Glass powers were previously mentioned, and since glass is derived from sand, the big bad could be a glass/sand Conduit. Make him a mob boss type figure and you've got your mooks, then have him surround Vegas in a sandstorm to establish the boundaries of the open world. Wrap it all up with an appropriate name (inFAMOUS: Desert Sun?), and you've got yourself a sequel.,
    • Vegas would work in Celia's favor too if you think about it. Depending on how flexible the definition of paper is, there's a near limitless source on the Vegas Strip with either cash or playing cards.
The next inFAMOUS game will let the player control both Cole and Delsin
  • I recall reading somewhere that Word of God confirmed that Second Son was canon, but not a direct sequel to inFAMOUS 2, which kind of makes sense since the third game is called Second Son instead of inFAMOUS 3: Second Son. So my theory is that Second Son is an interquel to introduce a new conduit, Delsin, for the next true sequel, inFAMOUS 3. In that game Cole will have been revived by the lighting strike, with an above troper's theory of Cole's body having shut down due to the absence of electricity rather than being dead as being the explanation. and, along with Delsin, Fetch and Eugene, will have been summoned to the Evil timeline by a repentant Lucy Kuo to team up and take on Evil Cole/ the new Beast. Cole and Delsin will argue a lot, with Cole seeing Delsin as immature and Delsin will ridicule Cole for being too serious, but they will eventually become Vitriolic Best Buds.

The reason Any Conduits Survived...
Is because the RFI got Damaged when Zeke knocked it out of Cole's hands when he first tried to activate it

The plight of Conduits is an Allegory to the struggles of Homosexuals.
Let's examine the facts. Both groups have an abnormality that distinguishes them from the general populace and face discrimination for it. They have both been called "freaks" and "deviants". their have been incidents where youths from both groups have been forced from their homes and sent to prison-style facilities simply for their abnormalities, with Fetch and Eugene obviously meant to represent gay teens who where disowned by their parents. Joseph Bertrand is an analog to virulently homophobic pastors who are themselves Armored Closet Gay. As for Bertrand's speeches, imagine that instead of conduits, he's talking about gays, and he will sound eerily similar to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. Augustine is a stand-in for "ex-gays" who claim to have cured or at least not acted on their homosexual feelings. Cole is meant to represent someone slowly coming to terms with their homosexuality while Deslin represents someone who is completely comfortable with their sexuality and open about it at every turn no matter what. finally, the Good Karma ending in Second Son represents gays finally being accepted by society and able to live their lives without persecution

Delsin will be the Big Bad of inFamous 3
Word of God says that the Good Ending is canon, but it'd still be possible for Deslin to have gone mad with power in between games. Delsin would be way too overpowered if they continued his story unless there is a contrived reason for his powers to be weaker.

If inFamous 3 has a new protagonist, he would be a Shadow Conduit
The game would also feature a consistent day and night cycle, rather than time progressing as the plot demands. The Shadow Conduit's powers would be much stronger at night, but they're easier to control during the day, giving the player a reason to play during all times of the day.

Conduits have transferable Healing Factor as a Required Secondary Power
Otherwise, Healing Hands with smoke, neon, video, and concrete don't make a lick of sense.
  • Delsins conduit power is manipulating and absorbing conduit powers, not smoke, neon or video. I'm basing this off the fact Delsin seems to be the only one who can absorb the power from the core relays and the drones. When Augustine tries she gets no result and just gets frustrated. With this in mind its possible Delsin is using his conduit powers to pass on a bit of healing factor to the injured rather then this being a supposedly universal power to conduits despite none of the others displaying it.

Non-Conduit superhumans will be introduced in Infamous 3
And the explanation for why they only then play a role in the story is because they were trying to keep a low profile. This will lead to the Infamous Universe becoming an Ersatz for the Marvel Universe.Examples include:
  • Ultra Hero 9 = Big Hero 6.
  • Paybackers = Avengers.
  • Arachnid Man = Spiderman.
  • Amazing Eight = Fantastic Four.

Delsin and Zeke will be the mentors in Infamous 3

Cole will be resurrected by lighting in Infamous 3, but he will simply be a mentor for Delsin

Zeke will be playable in Infamous 3
  • And when you play as him, he'll use what basically amounts to a somewhat primitive, clunky mech-suit.

Cole will stay dead in Infamous 3, but...
  • A new character with electric and electromagnetic powers will show up, most likely as a Call-Back to Cole MacGrath.

A Lesser Conduit will be the next protagonist in Infamous 3

The Big Bad of Infamous 3 will be a human Boomerang Bigot
In contrast to Bertrand, who was a Conduit who saw his powers as a curse, this one will be a human who believes Conduits are the next step in human evolution. He would either try to make artificial powers or use an Iron Man-esque power suit. His motive will be that a child of his had the Conduit Gene, and was among those killed at the end of Infamous 2.

Genuinely magical characters will appear in Infamous 3.
  • Turns out, they were trying to keep a low profile because of how badly Innocent Conduits were treated. After Innocent Conduits ended up gaining more rights, that's when they decide to go public....but ironically, to contrast the Good Conduits, the Heroic Magic Users are instantly treated with respect.
  • Another reason why they Heroic Mages went public is because there is a threat out there not even the Good Conduits can deal with.

The Big Bad of ''Infamous 3' will be a Conduit Boomerang Bigot that's actually genuine about their beliefs.
To contrast Bertrand and Augustine, the next Big Bad will not be a fraud who is not even a genuine bigot (to be fair, for obvious reasons, any form of bigotry is very bad either way), but will instead be a true self-hating Conduit. His/her plan after imprisoning or killing all of the other Conduits would be to imprison or kill himself/herself.

There will be a What-If DLC in the continuity of the Bad Ending to Infamous 2
Because who wouldn't want to see Delsin go up against Cole as the Beast?

DC Superhero Expies will appear in a sequel
Infamous has a lot of Marvel references, so why not add a few DC references to the mix?

If the Second Son arc has another game them Cecelia and the released conduits will be the antagonists
Both Good!Delsin and Evil!Delsin have displayed a desire to put a stop to Cecelia's serial killings, proving a motive for Delsin to migrate to a new area. Secondly, Delsin will likely venture to Curdun Cay regardless of alignment and incidentally/deliberately absorbs another conduit's abilities, the poor soul still being twitchy from the conduit-experimentation freaks out and catalyses a revolt. Delsin gets mobbed by the frenzied conduits and wakes up from a coma a few months later to find his copied abilities are now gone. The antagonists have had enough time to properly set themselves up around the country, meaning Delsin's friends can't hang around for him to re-copy the powers, forcing him to venture to the nearest city to get new powers instead.

Somehow, the other Sucker Punch will be referenced
  • Not because of the name of the company that makes Infamous games, but just to see how the characters would react to such a reference.

The Conduits actually will die in Infamous 3....
And this will ironically lead to humanity's doom, despite Non-Conduits' fear of Conduits.

The next game will focus on an Infamous multiverse

Eugene is actually much more powerful than he thinks.
He actually has reality warping as a power, but being a shut-in nerd, his games are the only way he can express his powers, Delsin helping him get over his anxieties will actually make him even more powerful, which is why he could manifest his One-Winged Angel form in the real world after Delsin helps him out, the only reason his abilites manifest as Hard Light is because he hasn't perfected it yet.

Alternatively, Eugene's elemental power is light manipulation, as in all light, he just has yet to fully master it yet.

Alternatively, Eugene's elemental power is still simply digital imagery manipulation, but he will eventually develop technopathy and technology manipulation.