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Fridge Brilliance

  • Coming out of dark spots while in the middle of shapeshift (most likely to happen with Neon sprint) and the world will still be blindingly white until you stop. It's because since Delsin is made up of the element he's traveling as he doesn't have any eyes and thus can't adjust to the change in lighting.
  • When Augustine catches Hank at the start of the game she isn't disappointed in that he tried to escape, like it would seem at first, she is disappointed in that he was caught far too easily.
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  • Hank's leitmotif contains elements of the song "Bioterrorist Threat", which notably plays during the final boss fight. Of course Hank has that mixed into his song. He is the epitome of what people view as a Bioterrorist - A criminal who uses his powers to aid in the commission of his crimes. He is also the only one of the three escaped Conduits that doesn't join you for the final climb up Augustine's tower.
  • Whoever spread the idea that drug abuse would make you a conduit could have seen Fetch accidentally murdering her brother while she was in drug withdrawal.
    • Unlikely, considering they were in a secluded spot when it happened. But, the D.U.P could have easily made it seem like that was the case.
  • Why do you need to drain D.U.P. troops to recharge Concrete powers? Concrete is usually found as a solid, thus it's difficult to absorb. Either Delsin absorbs the "ammo" the soldiers are carrying, or he uses its own power to directly drain their powers. In the final battle you are in a tower built with Concrete power, and Augustine is continually raising dust while fighting you, which would justify the auto-recharge of your meter.
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  • The title being In Famous: Second Son doesn’t just denote that Delsin is the second protagonist after Cole, but also because he's the younger brother to Reggie, meaning that both figuratively and literally, Delsin is a second son.
  • Why doesn't Concrete have a karma bomb like the other three powers? Delsin never obtained the fourth core relay during the final battle with Augustine, meaning he never learned what would have been the final move for Concrete like he did for Smoke, Neon and Video.
  • In the Infamous ending, why is sparing Hank the deciding factor in whether or not Delsin destroys the Akomish? Because it's a choice that's directly tied up in familial bonds and love. If Delsin chooses to show no sympathy for Hank betraying Delsin for his daughter's sake, he's also casting off the idea of valuing family even if they decide to hate him, so he can bring himself to such a depth of anger and despair he'd be fine with wiping them out.

Fridge Horror

  • Just imagine the power Evil Delsin would have after he shakes the hands of every Conduit he freed from Curden Cay. Though he'd probably have to find a few million core relays to actually be able to use them.
  • During the first battle with Augustine, you're not allowed to use nonlethal holds, even if you're good karma, and you can only build up karma by using the "punish" command on Augustine, which involves Delsin kicking Augustine while calling her out on what she's done. And when you use the Orbital Drop, he has a face of pure rage as he nearly levels the island. For evil Delsin, this is nothing special. For good Delsin however, it displays how much he's holding back. As mentioned in the Nightmare Fuel page, "Mr. Rowe is pissed, and when Mr. Rowe is pissed, no-one gets out alive."
  • As a side note, Delsin's anger is doubly on display in-between phases of the fight. When Augustine calls on her D.U.P mooks to fight Delsin while she heals, he vaporizes every D.U.P soldier (even the Incredibly Durable Enemies), no matter his Karmic Alignment.
  • One of the loading cards notes that Eugene's mother was a Senator who introduced the bill to allow the D.U.P funding in the first place, a full year before her son displayed his powers. It could very well be that Eugene's own mother allowed Augustine to take him away.
  • The DUP are close to A Nazi by Any Other Name and our encounters with them show them committing numerous human rights violations as well as rounding up all suspected conduits, torturing American citizens, and generally being unpleasant people. However, they're still (technically) US soldiers. So the government will not have to work hard to spin the fact Delsin is guilty of killing dozens if not hundreds even on a Good Karma playthrough. The war for America has begun. Expect Wolfenstein with Conduits.
  • Augustine is a Soft-Spoken Sadist but she's not wrong in the fact the US military killed half of all American Conduits, apparently all the ones the DUP doesn't take alive. Now the Conduits may have an order against them since Delsin destroyed the only organization that was even partially restrained from murdering all Conduits out of hand.
    • Mitigated due to the fact that people would likely be much more supportive of Delsin and Conduits now (on a Good Karma playthrough) or too scared of him to talk against him/Delsin would be powerful enough to fight back (on an Evil Karma playthrough). Either way, there's plenty of reason to hang back from a costly movement. Especially if Augustine was training the captured Conduits to be something more...