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Film / War (2002)

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War (original title: Война, Voina) is a 2002 Russian war movie.

In Moscow, Sergeant Ivan Ermakov is being debriefed about the time he spent in Chechnya and the war crimes he allegedly committed.

As a private, Ivan and his friend Fedya get captured by Chechen terrorists along with a British journalist, Joe Boil, and his girlfriend, Margaret Michaelson. They are held together with other Russian military in deplorable conditions, while Ivan is taken as a communications support by the leader, Aslan Gugaev. Joe makes a deal with Aslan to get them the ransom they want, but to make sure of it, the Chechens keep Margaret. Aslan gives Joe his word that she will not be raped, and sends Ivan with him to Moscow.

Once there, Joe fails to find support from the British ambassadors. A television studio agrees to pay the ransom if Joe films his journey back to the Chechen aoul. Joe has to find Ivan and convince him to sneak him back into Chechnya, where the young man just got out of...



  • Black Speech: When Ivan asks Aslan why he swears so much, he says that it doesn't matter to him because talking in Russian always feels like swearing.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: While Joe is away, Margaret falls in love with Captain Medvedev whom she shares her captivity with.
  • Enemy Mine: On their way back, Ivan and Joe capture a local Chechen, Ruslan, to show them the way to Aslan's aoul. Ivan mistreats him in order to keep him obedient because Ruslan would otherwise turn on him. It becomes clear Ruslan has a family feud against Aslan and is eager to help.
  • I Lied: Joe leaves Margaret in the aoul on Aslan's promise that she will not be harmed. When Joe returns, he finds Margaret who has been kept naked and raped repeatedly. It sends Joe in a rage and causes him to kill Aslan.
  • One-Word Title
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  • War Is Hell: It is for everyone involved, from the captives to the soldiers to the terrorists.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: As narrated by Ivan. Joe writes a book about the events and gets rich, but Margaret doesn't marry him; the unfair portrayal in the film becomes the reason for Ivan to get tried for war crimes; Ruslan testifies against him, even if he took the money Ivan gave him to send his son to the Moscow university; Cpt. Medvedev is the onlt one to testify in Ivan's favor and he gets hospital treatment, which Ivan pays for.