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Heartwarming / inFAMOUS: Second Son

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Not long after Delsin discovers he's a Conduit and having difficulty controlling his "teleporting" amidst an oncoming panic attack, he immediately seeks out Reggie. Even though Reggie realized that Delsin is a Conduit after seeing him smoke through a fallen tree, Delsin's primary concern was getting his brother out from being pinned under a car. After freeing Reggie, Delsin breaks down, terrified, and Reggie immediately moves to calm him down and comfort him.
    Delsin: I'm one of them, man! I'm one of them!
    Reggie: No, NO! No, you are MY brother. Alright? You are my brother.
    • Not long after, Delsin has to use his new powers in front of his tribe members and Betty in order to save her. After his encounter with Augustine that ends in him being in a coma for a week, he wakes up to find out that all of his tribesmen are now dying from concrete torture, because every single one of them refused to sell Delsin out. Talk about tribe loyalty.
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  • The numerous letters, pictures and gifts sent to the injured in the Longhouse, including a picture drawn by a child of Cole fighting Reapers. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Most of the banter between Reggie and Delsin, more so if playing through Good Karma. Despite their different perspectives on doing what's lawfully right and morally—albeit chaotically—right, respectively, you can hear that they still care about each other.
  • When Reggie reveals that the D.U.P.'s central communication network is at the Space Needle, the tone of voice between the two brothers take on a somewhat "birthday surprise" quality.
    Delsin: Alright, any idea where this central communication thing is?
    Reggie: Well, you did say you wanted to see it while you were here...
    Delsin: [excited] Shut. Up. Space Needle!?
    Reggie: [almost audible smile] Space Needle.
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  • During the plan to draw out Augustine, Reggie shows up to help, even after claiming he shouldn't get involved. His reasoning?
    Reggie: Look, those are people over there. They need our help. Not "Bio-terrorists", not "Conduits"...people.
  • During the first boss fight with Augustine after Reggie sacrifices himself, these two lines from an extremely angry Delsin, which borders on Tear Jerker (especially on Good Karma).
    Delsin: He never hurt you! / You tortured my people!
  • The second-to-last mission on the True Hero path has almost the entire population of the city of Seattle uniting against Augustine and her slander against Delsin, protesting her methods while praising Delsin as a hero, even going so far as to attack DUP soldiers that try to hinder you. After spending the entire game being cast as the villain, this shows the impact you've made in a very big way.
  • The Good Ending. Delsin decides to use his graffiti skills in a more noble cause by converting a billboard into a memorial for his brother.
    • Even better, you can see a mop and bucket on the billboard's side as the camera zooms in, showing that Delsin had cleaned up the very same billboard he had tagged at the beginning of the game to create said memorial.
  • Having sufficiently high Good Karma will result in ordinary citizens cheering you on every so often. Think about that... despite all the conditioning to view Conduits as "Bio-Terrorists", all the official press deliberately portraying Delsin's actions in a negative light, and all the stigma of anything even remotely indicative of pro-Conduit thinking being considered "treachery", there are still people who know Delsin is a hero and will publicly shout encouragement to him.
    • In addition, it's also a gigantic middle finger to Augustine and her philosophy, showing that humans and Conduits can, in fact, coexist.
    • Some of the things that citizens will say to you when you're playing Good!Delsin is utterly heartwarming.
      Random Teenaged Girl: I want to be just like you when I grow up!
      Dude you just bumped into: My brush with greatness.
    • Some fans take it a little too far though:
  • During the “Cole's Legacy" DLC there are a few times where Good!Delsin will be compared to Cole (Whom followed the “blue path"/Good Karma storyline).
    Woman Bystander: You're the second coming of Cole!
    Zeke: Cole would be proud.
  • In the First Light DLC, Fetch can create neon graffiti tags similar to Delsin. One of the tags has Fetch make an angel smile down on the makeshift beds of a few homeless people.
  • Upon regaining control of Delsin after completion of the game in expert difficulty, and acquiring the final (Platinum) trophy, Delsin says "Well, you know buddy, we've been through a lot, but officially, we're done!"
  • If the player chooses to spare Hank, Hank asks Delsin if he wants to come with him and his daughter. Say what you will about Hank, but that's a very nice offer considering that Delsin nearly strangled him to death a moment ago.
  • A meta example is why the game's story comes after the good ending of 2, since the majority of players made Cole a hero in the previous game.