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  • The Other Darrin:
    • Catherine/Pink à la Mode. The original actress left during the production of episode 3. This unfortunately happened before they could record the ADR so there is a jarring difference between her out-of-suit and in-suit lines. Starting episode 4, Catherine was played by a new actress who looked nothing like her... complete with a new costume.
    • Because of the stretch of time between episodes, there have been a few other minor cast change-ups. Most notably, Margarine, the team's Robot Girl, and Dark Chick Extasy.
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  • Prop Recycling: Combined with Actor Allusion in episode 6; the BFG that vaporizes Succulard is identical to Caleb's Nuclear Gun from Flander's Company. Ruddy Pomarede plays both Caleb and Succulard.
  • Recycled Soundtrack:
    • The main theme for Episodes 1-2 is a re-dubbing of the theme for Choudenshi Bioman, before being traded for original music from Episode 3 onward.
    • The music featured in Episodes 1-2 is pulled extensively from 80s Sentai series like Bioman, Liveman, Flashman, and Jetman, along with cues from then-current Sentai shows GoGoV and Timeranger.
    • Episode 2 on its own utilizes several tracks from DanceDanceRevolution for the club scenes.
  • Referenced by...:
    • The eyecatch illustration from episode 1 appears in the Happy Lesson OVA.
    • Some Panous-Panous, along with Pink à la Mode and Black Beaujolais, appear in the opening fight of another French indie production, DAMNED Next.
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    • The whole team (minus Yellow) appears in the opening of another French indie production, Bitoman, where they are dismissed by the local villain because "[their] costumes aren't trendy enough" (they were in civilian clothes). This is a full-circle Shout-Out as a parody prototype of France Five appeared in Episode 12 of Bitoman which also had involvement from series creator Alex Pilot and GoToon (singer of the France Five themes pre-Episode 4 and the actor who played Cancrelax). Part of this design inspired the initial prototype and Mark 1 suits seen in Episode 1.
    • Benzaie's Hard Corner "Les VRAIS Power Rangers" satirizes the Power Rangers tradition of using footage from various Super Sentai during the action scenes, by way of a sketch spoofing Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with other youtubers and using footage from France Five with their voices dubbed over for the action scenes and intro (with the Joueur du Grenier dubbing Pr. Burgonde).
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  • Saved from Development Hell: Episode 5 was in post-production for 7 years. This is lampshaded in the credits of the finale.
  • The Wiki Rule: France Five Wiki