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Trivia / Dragon's Dogma

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  • Fan Nickname: Some have taken to calling Grigori 'Greg.' It certainly makes him less intimidating.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The PC version of Dragon's Dogma could not include the Berserk weapons and armor due to licensing restrictions. Likewise, outside of a mod for the PC version, all versions of Dark Arisen lack "Into Free -Dangan-" as the intro music.
  • What Could Have Been: There were supposed to be extra classes such as a Monk, extra races such as Beastmen and Elves, and even some characters had different designs according to the art book. However, Orcs and Elves are in Dragon's Dogma Online. The game's world was also meant to be much bigger, with a special area known as Dragon Isle where the Arisen would have their final encounter with the dragon. There was also going to be a visible moon at night.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Fextralife Dragon's Dogma Wiki and Wikia Dragon's Dogma Wiki.


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