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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The original title screen of the game contains a dual-wielding knight, a girl who looks like Priestess Maria, and a horned giant on the background. Since Ark takes the look of the dual-wielding knight, fans have speculated that the Maria-lookalike is Oracle Maiden Ilia and the horned giant is Karna Masta. As revealed in Mildran, Ilia really looks like Maria, and Karna Masta's true form resembles the horned giant.
    • Yuura and Shida being former Senpai/Kōhai, and that the latter was the one who sent the former to kill Ark and Ilia, were originally Fanons created by a Japanese fanartist. They've become so popular that Alim confirmed them in Frontier Hunter Season 21 and further elaborated in Ark's Grand Gaia Chronicles.
  • Follow the Leader:
  • I Knew It!
    • After half of the Twelve Guardians received their 7-Star form, some theorized that all of them would receive one sooner or later. As of December 2015, they were right.
    • Barion cursing Mora for having "the cursed blood of Estria" led to theories that she might be Adel and Savia's daughter. While Mora herself doesn't truly confirm it, there are enough hints in Estria that it's true.
    • Zelnite, Elza, and Shida winning the "What Units would you like to have 7-Star form" Japanese poll. Some had predicted it since the poll was announced.
    • Due to how lackluster the 30-day Daily Log-in Rewards for Second Anniversary in Global version were, many expected that it would be extended. It was extended for ten more days with more worthy rewards.
    • Many players have made several fan-made Deemo and the Girl's 6-Star form, with most of them based their appearances and skill names on Myosotis, ANiMa, Entrance, and Sanctity. The original Deemo and the Girl eventually take the former two, while the new Dark version based on Saika take the latter two.
    • Since Frontier Hunter Season 25 features Reda, who is a Japan-exclusive unit, most predicted that she would be either removed or replaced. She's replaced by Lucia, a Global-exclusive unit.
    • Avant winning the "What Units would you like to have Omni Evolution" Japanese poll. Literally everyone saw it coming.
    • Krantz as the runner up at the same poll. Way before the reveal, Japanese forums already had speculations about it. It turned out to be spot on.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
    • The Battle Maidens, Xenon & Estia and both Ciara and Semira had landed to the original Japanese Version of the game, which became the only Global units to debut in the Japan server.
    • Painfully averted with Reda in Frontier Hunter Season 25, who is replaced by Lucia instead. The same also applies to Uula and Kanna, two of the bonus Units from the official artbook, in Frontier Hunter Season 26. They're replaced by Avani and Nyami respectively. See No Export for You below.
    • Artwork example: Melina's Grand Quest portrait, which was originated from a Japanese-exclusive collaboration Grand Quest with Thousand Memories, debuted in Global as a banner for Colosseum-related updates.
  • Meme Acknowledgment
    • After Burny was blamed for server's downtime, Brave Frontier's Facebook Page went along with the joke. Instead of posting a notification about a server update, they made up a scenario that Burny and friends have attacked the servers and Selena has clean up their mess.
      • In fact, there was once a Special Dungeon dedicated to this meme!
    • Brave Frontier's facebook also recognise Thunderbird being a Tier-Induced Scrappy and made a post on it ranting on how it wants to be popped out more often in the rare gates summon.
    • Similar to Thunderbird example above, on the other side of Pacific the Japanese players and some of the staffs worship Will out of his "effectiveness". Turns out this becomes one of the reasons he gets his 7-stars form.
  • No Export for You: Due to Gumi Asia not having enough license to bring them to the Global Version, Units gained by putting codes included in various supplementary books gets this treatment.
    • Averted by Keymaster Gilnea, who despite being a bonus Unit from the second Famitsu guidebook, managed to make his way through the Global version with his own Vortex dungeon. The other Unit from the same guidebook, Reen, not so much.
    • Subverted by Nekky, Lumie, and Sylvia, who originated from the other Famitsu guidebooks. They have their data translated already, but never make their appearance in game.
    • Units from the novelizations, Reda and Ranas, didn't make it to the Global version. Lucia had to replace Reda when she was supposed to appear in Frontier Hunter Season 25. What makes their exclusion a big loss are that both are able to reach Omni Evolution, and that Reda is mentioned once in the game, making her a weird example of Ascended Extra with Adaptation Expansion.
    • Artbook-exclusives Uula and Kanna were replaced by Nyami and Avani when they appeared in Frontier Hunter Season 26.
    • This also extends to manga-exclusive characters such as Haruto, Dino, Agreiser, and Rahm.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game supposed to feature players being seen walking around town and dungeon, but given they have to account for the mobile's interface, they settled for creating that visual effect instead.
    • Karl's Mock Unit was supposed to gain ice wings in Blizzard God form, but the idea was scrapped in favor of a bigger ice spirit. The wings made it to his 7-Star form, though.
    • The Brave Frontier Official Artbook has a section dedicated to contents that never made it to the game, including:
      • Various title designs.
      • Vargas being an axe-wielder, while Selena is wearing Chainmail Bikini.
      • Burny and Friends were supposed to have a three-staged evolution right from the start, with their second form being four-legged creatures and their final form being bipedal.
      • Burny's batch is also to have a metal counterpart.
      • Kanon is much less armored and wields a lance and a shield.
      • Kuhla was originally going to be male.
      • Flora Aegis Edea's design was supposed to wield a sword-whip, with her face still covered in helmet.
      • Ark wasn't supposed to be an Early-Bird Cameo of the guy from title screen. Instead, he's supposed to have wavy purple hair, black scleras, and tattoed face.
    • Had Avant not win the Japanese Omni Poll, he wouldn't have been among the units to receive Omni Evolution.
  • The Wiki Rule: