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Summon Units

Amongst units, a stand out unit in a batch usually receives this status. This is fairly relevant in terms of gameplay, since the staff often holds a popularity poll that determines which unit will get a rate up.

  • Thanks to its notoriety in the fandom, the Thunderbird line have reached this status because of its Random-targeting Brave Burst. This makes it possibly one of the most iconic units in the game.
  • Shida is considered a really cool Mad Scientist with plot importance regarding the lore of the story, which is always popular with the fans, and his 6-Star form evolution was well received, mainly because his Super Brave Burst can give all 6 elements to the squad for 3 turns.
    • His Omni not only gave him cool new artwork, but it also brought back Shida as an all element buffer. The addition of a fairly powerful EWD buff and flat mitigation on his Leader Skill made him even more appealing.
  • Amongst popular units, Zelnite is a stand out example, winning every single most wanted unit rate up before the release of the 7-Stars units. In fact, Zelnite is so popular that he won the poll for the most wanted new 7-Stars unit, with Elza and Shida just right behind him.
  • With the advance to 7-Stars units, Feeva immediately became a unit everyone wanted to pull due to her skill set being extremely versatile in many situations.
  • For a while during the appearance of Seria's EX Trial and Xie' Jing's, Raaga became a mainly sought after unit due to his strong offensive nature and BB Spark Boost ability.
  • Krantz and Avant won the poll for the most wanted unit to get an Omni Evolution at #2 and #1 respectively. In the follow up poll regarding unit popularity? Krantz is #1 and Avant is #3.
  • Sirius, is this to a ridiculous extent. When his 7* comes out, he quickly gained popularity thanks to his ridiculous skillset, and handsome looks. Sirius is so popular, he got his Omni Evolution a mere 3 months after his release, the fastest out of any unit. It says something that despite the distaste on his Omni Evolution looks, Sirius is still #5 in the popularity poll, beating Elza directly below him.
  • Nyami is considered this to Brave Frontier community. Due to her cute design which everyone loved and so many tons of fanarts of her before she was being released to the game itself and as a unit herself, Being a great nuker for Frontier Hunter when she was first released and had a self spark animation also helps her even if people don't like her in their first impression. Not only that, Her SBB name Zoom Zoom! being ended up as one of the memes in BF community and her obsession with Pudding also helps her garnered a cult following for BF community
    • This went so far that for Brave Frontier's Spring 2017 event, an item was released called Nyami's Pudding; using it paralyzes a unit by putting it into a "food coma".
    • It doesn't end there. Gumi also released an Omni-base unit based of her in Summer outfit during Summer 2020 event.


  • Lugina, Seria, and especially Karl are very popular.
  • Ark is pretty much the most well-received Trial unit since Maxwell, being the first 7-Stars Mock unit from the Trials with a unique ability to boost the power of normal attacks on top of having a fairly useful Leader Skill.
  • Bertz is slowly gaining a curious amount of popularity, which is surprising considering how he appears so late into the Ishgria storyline.
  • Maxwell, despite being the first of the Four Fallen Gods to be taken down, is easily the most popular of the four. Her Trial introducing new gimmicks such as multiple stages and turn-counting, as well as her Mock Unit being Game-Breaker status at the time, also helped boost her popularity. She became so popular that she even has her own 5-minute web animation shorts, titled Maxwell Hits the City.