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Despite how bleak things are in the world of Brave Frontier, its characters still looked at the bright side of life. Here are some moments from the game that might just make your day.

Summon Units

  • Allanon: His happy-go-lucky demeanor as well as his awareness of the meta.
  • Dolk: He's such a Drill Sergeant Nasty, he made Laberd run another 10 kilometers when he thought the first 10 wasn't enough as part of the latter's training regime.
  • Eze: Loudly repeating that was he was an idiot to be respected right after Emilia told him he was one to everyone within earshot.
  • Goltovah: The Miles Gloriosus tactician of the Agni Empire, who ends up getting beaten by Weiss.
  • Kanon: Just how all of his quotes have Dramatic Ellipsis in them, and how nobody ever knows what's going on inside his mind.
  • Krantz: A Walking Techbane. Made funnier in that he has an assistant that deals with technology for him.
  • Michele: Her calling of Duel-GX as 'Crabby', with Tiara using 'Mr. Crabby' while both Lodin and Zelban simply uses 'Crab'. And then there's the robot's reactions to its new designations.
  • Mila: She misunderstood Will's and Aem's approach towards her as them having a crush on her. Not to mention just how typo-ridden her Unit Guide entries are.
  • Zelnite: His Unit Guide entries and the descriptions of Items based off him being written like they were excerpts from his biography.

Unit Quotes

"Are you gonna fuse me? Weee! I can't wait! Um, what happens after I'm fused?"
Thunder Crystal on being acquired for its purpose.

"Is the world ending? ...... You're quite interesting."
Heavenly Emperor Kanon after being evolved.

"Whoa, so this is fusion. Shake my hand as a reward... Wh-Why are you running?!"
Divine General Izuna after fusions.

"Fyuu... shion? What's... that? Is... Is it... yummy?"
Wild Cat Nyami after fusions.

"Soft kitty... warm kitty... little ball of... Oh?! Are you... looking for me?"
Shadow Cat Nyami after being summoned.

"All right, fusion complete! Was it a great success? Maybe super?! Haha. No pressure, relax."
Shadow Serpent Kafka after fusions.

Frontier Hunter

  • In Season 15, if you bring Shida to Terminus and fight Themis, this will happen:
    Themis: "Get away from me, you perv!" (casts a massive single-target attack and inflicts all status ailments on Shida)
    Shida: "I'll make you my subject this time around." (casts a massive single-target attack on Themis)
  • Season 18:
    • Aem reluctantly protects Atro because, apparently, Will told him to.
    • Colt attacks Feeva because the latter won the Japanese Server's popularity poll of the Female Units category, not the former's sister.
    • Vishra is angry because people thought his armor is a "mere decoration".
      • Also doubles as Harsher in Hindsight, as four months later, the Vishra Armor ended up as a "decoration" for its wearer in his Unleashed Ravana form.
    • Apparently, Michele's father is worried about his daughter's Friendless Background, so he set up an audition to pick a friend for her. What makes this funny is the people who entered: a Polevik (a sentient plant), Ardin (who tries to make friends again since he failed with Lodin and Sergio in Season 13), and Tiara (which Michele lampshaded as they're already friends).
  • Season 20:
    • The entirety of the "Light Lost in the Darkness" Special Stage.
      • The Metal God asks you to practice Spark attacks on it.
      • Shida practicing his Evil Laugh.
      • Aem going out of control.
      • And finally, there's Dark Will, a Palette Swap of Will who is "possessed" by the Executive Producer of Brave Frontier just to thank the players.
    • Owen doesn't care about celebrations, which then prompts Grahdens to tell him otherwise.
    • Arbonella helps to translate the Mandragoras' messages before she begins to slip on their grunts too.
  • Season 21:
    • Colt and Alyut arguing over whose older sibling is the best. Claire is embarrassed, while Sodis just laughs at them.
  • Season 23:
    • Madia is a fortune teller who tells you about... how your hangnail will heal, and you will stub your pinkytoe.
    • If you just guard for three turns when you encounter Uda...
  • Season 24:
  • Season 25:
    • Dolk is such a Drill Sergeant Nasty that he orders Laberd to run for another 10 kilometres as part of their training regiment.
    • Tesla is cleaning, and Eriole comes along and offers to help... except that he causes a much bigger mess by stumbling onto a water-filled bucket before drenching himself in the process. And apparently, Eriole doesn't know how to use a broom.
      • And if you wait long enough, Paris will come in and offer to help Eriole clean up. Eriole rejects her offer, which then leaves Paris wondering just why he's wet.
  • Season 26:
    • Estelle starts collecting bird monsters so that she can have her own aerial intelligence, just like her idol Weiss... with mixed results.
    • The second after Reihard expresses his interest in the Sacred Treasures, Charis comes in and attacks him before he attacks the player's squad too.
    • Elulu, Avani (or Uula in the Japanese version) and Iris are playing badminton... with Lafiel as the ball.
      • Also, if you defeat Elulu first, Avani (or Uula), Iris and Lafiel will wonder who invited them there.
    • Shusui is at it again! This time, he moves first just so he can say his Verbal Tic!
  • Season 27:
    • Colt being jealous over Quaid for receiving sweets from Claire earlier than him. And then Colt spouts a Suspiciously Specific Denial when Quaid asks him about receiving sweets from Ivris.
    • Random Assault Squad, consisting of Eric, Dia, Douglas, and Lars.
    Eric: "Prove my strength? Kids these days..."
    • ORN39 returns! Now with Ulkina and Hogar of all people joining the ranks!
      • Bonus points if you've captured one of the Elemental Heroes and used her in your party.
    Hogar: "A-Alma?! ... Don't tell your mother!"
  • Season 28:
    • Diana and Claire holding off to give their cookies to Quaid, leading to Ivris berating them about how nobody gives "poor Quaid" birthday presents.
    • Reis being excited after Exgear attacked him during a test run.
    Reis: "You even attacked me... Amazing!"
  • Season 29:
    • During Maxwell's class session, if you wait for Darvanshel to show up...
    Darvanshel: (Darvanshel, eternally 18.)
    • The others lampshading his presence:
    Il & Mina: "What's this grandpa doing here?"
    Maxwell: "You have a beard and look over 40... but if you say you're 18, then fine."
    • Tazer and Faris arguing about who spins better between them, only for Liza to melt their skating rink in frustration.
    Liza: "It's finally quiet..."
  • Season 30:
    • Raiden and Eze finally meeting face to face.
    Eze: "That's right! I remember you! Your name is... Sparky!"
    • Galant and Duran playing baseball. And guess who's with them?


  • Lugina getting his head stuck inside a hole after Tilith teleported everyone out from the Ocean Shrine Albina in Agni.
    • It's a Running Gag for him, really. Seria even brings it up several times. This line in Estria's Ice Forest Sulsoria puts it best:
      Seria: "Lugina, do you like being seen in weird poses?"
  • Shusui, every single time he pops out:
    Shusui: "I am the War Demon Shusui."
  • Every time Tilith calls Owen "Little Owen". But especially this one:
    Tilith: Little Owen, hush!
    Owen: ...
    Karl: Uhh, ahem.

Grand Gaia Chronicles

  • In the second battle of Cursed Flame Armor's Grand Gaia Chronicles volume 1, if you wait long enough for Rashil and Dilma to show up:
    Rashil: "What an interesting machine..."
    Reeze: "You're a scientist, aren't you?"
    Lilith: "Target deemed dangerous. Removal necessary." (attacks Rashil)
    Reeze: "Lilith, no!"
    Dilma: "Hey weirdo, what are you doing?!" (attacks Rashil)
    Rashil: "Do not insult me! I am a genius!" (attacks Dilma)
    Lilith: "More threats confirmed. Removal necessary." (attacks Dilma)
    Lilith: "Awaiting orders for threat removal."
    Reeze: "Oh no, what should I do...?"
    • Dilma's "weirdo" is even funnier in Japanese version when you realize it's a Call-Back to Themis' "perv" line towards Shida.explanation 
  • Twelve Guardians' Grand Gaia Chronicles, volume Extra, first battle. The sight of Falma getting himself beaten up by Signas, despite her elemental disadvantage, is quite hilarious to see.
  • In the final battle of Six Pillars' Grand Gaia Chronicles volume 3, the turn after Lucius used "Gate" on the sealed Disciples, and them realizing who manipulated things behind the scenes, Kanon's reaction is:
  • Sefia's Grand Gaia Chronicles, first battle.
    Heidt: "But she's going to be mad..."

Grand Quest

  • "Hopes and Regrets" Grand Quest has several highlights:
    • Lin's Imagine Spot about Noah and Elise's past relationship, which Elise quickly denies.
    • Elise's threatening Lin and Sera should they dare to pester her with more questions regarding her and Noah.
  • In "Tinkerer's Deceit" Grand Quest, Ultor shouts Gazia's name so loud, Zedus complains about how loud his shout is. Even Gazia is amused.
  • "The Correct Path" Grand Quest:
    • In general, Shusui's role as a Super-Persistent Predator.
      • During the prologue, Diana complained about how they had to take many detours because Shusui kept showing up.
      • Colt and Fadahl's comment about Shusui the second time their squad had to fight him.
        Colt: "Ugh, this guy again!"
        Fadahl: "If he wants to fight someone as friendless as he is, I'm sure Quaid would be more than enough."
      • If you take Quaid's squad to Shusui instead, while Quaid and Diana were having a heartwarming talk, Shusui shows up. Ivris, who had been watching from the sidelines, gets fed up:
        Shusui: "I am the War-"
        Ivris: "Don't interfere! Argh, you just have the absolute worst timing."
        Several dialogues between Quaid and Diana later...
        Shusui: "I am-"
        Ivris: "The War Demon Shusui, we know already! Quaid, Diana, let's teach this serial interrupter a lesson!"
    • Diana commenting that Colt and Ivris bicker so much they behave like an old married couple.
  • If "The Crimson God's Cry" is cleared with Grahdens, this gem pops up:
    Grahdens: "By the way, Karl."
    Karl: "Yes?"
    Grahdens: "You were of no use this time."
    Karl: "H-Hey!! I don't have to help out all the time!"
    Grahdens: "Ho ho ho. You talk like you're of some actual use in other cases."
    Karl: "Grr... You're such a pest, Gramps. Alright! That's it! We're out of here!"
    Grahdens: "W-Well there's no need for pushing!"


  • The description of the Cosmos Armor Sphere:
    There was once a high ranking god who became interested in the things that humans produced. Though imperfect, he admired the effort they put into their trades and decided to fool around by trying to make a piece of armor himself. The armor he made shone brightly, and its special powers prevented it from suffering any damage, or even being destroyed. One could say that this amazing piece of armor was born from the boredom of a god.
  • This sentence from Grand Topaz's description:
    There are rumors that Noel and Rhynt argued over the hairstyle to use when refining this crystal, but no public records exist on the matter.
  • This gem from the material Rabbit's Foot:
    Folklore says if you collect enough of it; something good will happen, just remember it didn't work for the rabbit.
  • According to Bond of Rih'alnase's description, Allanon once got himself swallowed by a giant turtle that mistook him as its dinner and it took the combined effort of the Rih'alnase to free him.