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Playable Units:

  • Grafl and Falma, Those Two Guys of Grand Gaia. They get along pretty well despite of their clashing personalities. Both give Affectionate Nickname to each other. And Falma's first act after acquiring his Sky God form was to save Grafl from falling to his death. Not to mention the two of them are almost always together every single time they appear in spin-offs and in-game. For added bonus, Julius' lore reveals that he was raised by them and they are his heroes.
  • Lucina and Selena, to the point the former sacrificed herself to save the latter. And had both of them survived, Selena would accompany Lucina traveling around Grand Gaia to find Lucina's mother.
  • Logan is very, very devoted to Shida. And like Grafl and Falma, they almost always appear together in spin-offs and in-game. Not to mention Logan gave himself to Shida in order to fulfill his promise to a long-lost friend of his, which happens to be possessed by the demonic armor Vishra. And Vishra's entry specifically points that its wearer is a male.
    • Speaking of Logan and Shida, a Grand Gaia Chronicles stage that details how Logan devoted himself to Shida has pretty suggestive dialogues. Especially these lines:
      Shida: What will you sacrifice for power?
      Logan: I only have this useless body.
      Shida: Very well. I shall use your body.
      Logan: Please, do with me as you will!
      Shida: He he he...Logan, are you ready?
      Logan: I am ready! Please, proceed!
      Shida: Does it hurt? Power awaits after the pain.
      Logan: Grh... I can resist it.... I can do it!
    • Zelnite's Grand Gaia Chronicles reveals how Logan and Shida's first meeting actually went: Logan piqued Shida's interest when he was fighting Zelnite, and then the sorcerer empowered him without further questions.
  • Logan and his Vishra-wearing friend deserve a special mention here. Their 7-Stars forms are announced together and their lores are continuations of each other's. Logan's friend sacrificed himself to break the curse that controlled Logan. And Logan kept a piece of Vishra as a memento of his friend.
  • Belfura and Shera, rivals turned allies. Belfura is technically "genderless" due to being a Disciple, but that doesn't stop the shippers. They even died together to protect Arus and Priscilla.
  • Kuda and Atro. It was said that Kuda couldn't bring himself to assassinate Atro and became a mole for humanity because of that. Kuda's 7 star reveals that he braided his hair like Atro. Unfortunately, Atro kills him anyway, but it's also revealed in Kuda's 7 star lore that he wanted to die by Atro's hands.
  • Aem worships Will and hates everyone who catches Will's attention (Mila and Themis) or is often compared to Will (Atro). Will himself is completely oblivious of Aem's worshipping, but he knows Aem is very dedicated to him and later appoints him to fight by his side.
  • Eric is a good friend of Magress' father, so much that he decided to help Magress. Eric also loved the Emperor of Bariura dearly, according to his Magic Riffs lore. And one wonders how he went through Shida's modifications.
  • Twelve Guardians of the Gods:
    • All the male members of Twelve Guardians adored Sodis to some extent, except for Farlon. Even Farlon's hatred towards Sodis is often interpreted as him hiding his adoration from everyone else. Not helped by the nature of Sodis' name which is similar to another word with a sexual connotation (read:Sodom).
    • Raydn and Alyut are very, very close best friends. To the point that Raydn never appears with anyone else other than Alyut in Grand Gaia Chronicles.
    • Signas and Ophelia, who were friendly rivals before things got sour between them. And then Word of God revealed that Signas kept Ophelia's diary...
    • Rina is quite latch-y on Lunaris at times. Her pleading Lunaris to go to the brothers' place can be seen as her letting Lunaris go and putting Lunaris' feelings beyond hers.
  • Lance's Husbando is Drevas! is what quickly occurred when Drevas is revealed as a new unit.
  • Even the Soul Bound Saga units aren't immune to this. Hadaron's desire to settle things with his brother Gazia is probably a bit too... strong. And then there's the "Tinkerer's Deceit" Grand Quest, which showcases just how loyal Ultor is to Zedus and Zedus' acting as the straight man to Ultor's antics.
  • There are so many male units connected to Arius that it can be said he's currently building his own male harem. So far there's his Childhood Friend (Lionel), an aloof loner who opens up to him after some befriending (Sergio), a Big Brother Mentor Blood Brother (Mega), and his family's ever so loyal guardian who saved him from a brink (Zephu).
  • Depending of your interpretation of Melchio's and Lilith's genders, their Undying Loyalty towards their masters Reis and Reeze can be interpreted as this. Especially Melchio towards Reis, as Melchio destroyed its world just because it thought Reis had been abandoned by their world. This quote from the "Ten-Winged Tormentor" Grand Quest nailed it best:
    Melchio: I have no need for worlds in which my creator does not exist.
    • In addition, the best outcome of that Grand Quest has him becomes Lodin's servant.
  • On Reeze and Lilith's side, there's the fact that Lilith obeys Reeze and only Reeze, and Reeze transplated parts of herself on Lilith to repair her. Lilith XTF's fusion quote also mention that those parts are gradually growing inside her too.
  • Kuraginn and Kurewa, the first duo male unit in the game due to not only their lore, but because that their original artist is well known for drawing Yaoi and Bara.
  • Jed's lore of his revolution against Adel can be read as a lover who feels betrayed and wants revenge.
  • And on the flip side of the conflict, Cyan is very devoted to Savia, who accepted her regardless of her strength. So much so that when Reviola wanted to kill Savia due to its own misunderstanding of her plans, Cyan dueled with the dragon to protect her beloved mistress.
  • In Frontier Hunter Season 24's Terminus, Rhein says that he admires Dilma's passion.
  • Only in Japanese version, Rashil addressed Shida with "-kun" honorific, which is usually used for male close friends. The context: Rashil used it when he came across Logan, saying that Logan's special armor "looks like Shida's work", before Logan confirmed it. One has to wonder just how close Rashil and Shida were.
  • Vargas and Mifune have a commercial break video in Japan that is focused on their duel. Also, Vargas Chronicle reveals that Vargas followed Mifune because he wanted to learn how to control Dandelga's lust of power. They also saved each other along the way, and both were awed when they showed their skills. In the game itself, God Blade Mifune's lore mentioned Vargas, who said that Mifune "found the death he desired".
  • Allanon and Mikael have some moments in "Eneroth: Genesis" Grand Quest. From Mikael explaining that his and Allanon's friendship "go back a long way", to the two having a private conversation which boils down to Mikael worrying about Allanon's reduced lifespan and telling him to stop acting all happy in "Save Ezra" ending.
  • Felice and her followers have so much Les Yay!
    • Felice herself is said to attract women followers more than the men ones.
    • Shelly admired Pamela to the point of doing a make-over to be as Stripperific as her idol.
    • Felice was intrigued by Lara's power so much that she ordered Mizerka to conduct an experiment on the girl. And then Felice let herself be devoured by Lara's dragon, with Lara herself commiting suicide afterwards.
  • The moment their Omni lore was released, Juno-Seto x Ensa-Taya ships strengthened several times over. Not to mention it's simultaneously Les Yay, Ho Yay, and a roundabout version of Screw Yourself.
  • Disnomians Saga:
    • Valen's Omni quotes are all about Regil. And then there's how he hunted down and captured almost all of the Ten Viles just because he wanted an explanation for Regil's Well-Intentioned Extremist act.
    • All of the male members of the Ten Viles were said to be attracted by their leader's charisma, who is explicitly said to be a man.
    • The leader of Ten Viles handed down his soul-stealing sword to the rest of Imperial Guards and told them to create lies about how they were the ones who killed Zalvard instead. But in exchange, he wanted Regil all for himself.


  • Seria and Tilith, especially later in the story. What with Tilith's frequent teasings and a "I love you" to Seria, and Seria worrying about Tilith's sudden change in attitude after you and the others confronted Lucius.
  • Lugina doesn't like Karl, yet he still gives his best to save him from Mare. And then there's the "Warped Reflection" Grand Quest, in which the two engage in a duel just because they felt like it.
  • Paris and Seria grow really close to each other during the Ishgria storyline. They have their mutual dislike of Lugina, they often share opinions regarding things that happen around them, and it was Seria's straightforwardness that inspired Paris to finally decide what she wanted to do with herself.
  • Mirfah is probably taking his adorations towards his fellow teammates, especially Krantz, a bit too far. And Grahdens once remarks in Wulgee that Mirfah and Krantz were very, very close. Finally, when Mirfah defeats Owen in Zamburg, he only mutters the names of the group's male members.
  • Bertz's formal introduction at the end of Rakshult storyline is full of subtle flirting towards Lugina. Doesn't help that Lugina makes up Suspiciously Specific Denial after all is said and done.
  • Grahdens likes to tease Owen, which Owen always responds coldly or interrupts before he goes too far. During Rakshult in particular, Grahdens acts like a lover who tries to stop his boyfriend from rushing his way through.
  • Shusui is named as such because Shura was deeply hurt by the death of his fellow apprentice Hisui so much that the former became obsessed to become "The Strongest". Ouch.
    • With this in mind, Shusui's tendency to declare his name every single time he appears can be seen as Shura shamelessly declaring his and Hisui's official Portmanteau Couple Name as if they're always together.
  • Melord did everything for Lucius' sake and was blindly loyal to him, to the point of still yearning for Lucius even after he turned into a formless demon. Melord's obsession for Lucius is so much that even if he become an independent god, his appearance would still take cues from Lucius, as seen in his Sage God form.