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Nightmare Fuel / Brave Frontier

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Don't let the game's awesome music and cool character designs fool you - the world of Brave Frontier is far, far more scarier than you think it is. Here are a few examples why.

Accidental Nightmare Fuel

  • The unusual organic red patterns in Immortal Dragon Ragshelm's body resembles cancerous symptoms and has been known to trigger Trypophobia.

Nightmare Fuel


  • Imagine yourself living your life in your hometown, where everybody's happy, the Gods keep everything in order and you have nothing to worry about. Then all of a sudden, just as you thought your life couldn't be any more perfect, the Gods come and destroy everything you hold dear with you wondering just why as they begin cutting down your friends and family... then you. This is how the War of the Gods started.
  • The fact that the War of the Gods happened when people least expected it, or thought that it was impossible. Just how many people died before the armies of Grand Gaia gathered to resist the Gods? Or worse, how many died resisting them?
  • Some of the Raid Battle Demons have very unsettling designs. Special mentions goes to Queen Sipla, Jirayen, Lesnik, and Arkem.

Summon Units

  • Ciara: Her Omni Lore takes on a scenario where Semira wasn't involved in her life. From a benovent, quite playful guardian in her 7-star form, she then evolves into a dreadful, evil entity.


  • During Chapter 5 of Grand Gaia Chronicles (a manga adaptation based on the Twelve Guardians' Civil War), as the Loyalist Guardians confront the Traitor Guardians, Luly starts attacking. Her Slasher Smile that comes with has a demonic or psychotic resemblance.
    • It continues on two chapters later where she mocks Farlon's screw-up; the way she approaches him is like he's being confronted by The Devil. Eventually he slashes her head off, but she does not stop talking after that. In fact, Luly uses her last words to complain how boring Farlon is. And at the end of the chapter, there's a shot of her bodiless head, still having that nightmarish smile.