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Welcome to the recap section of Brave Frontier. If you regretted skipping the story for the sake of gameplay and looked to the wiki only to find out it doesn't cover its storyline, look no further and here and we'll try to explain what's going on here!

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Main Story: Grand Gaia



It is dark and you don't know where you are. Suddenly, a green light appears and calls out your name.

This light is but a representation of Lucius, the god who governs the gates in Grand Gaia that lets people travel through the different regions. After he introduces himself, he makes you choose one of four out of the Six Heroes as your starter unit to begin your adventure.

After you have picked and confirmed the unit of your choice, he will then send you to the region of Mistral, where you are to meet up with one of his Disciples - Lady Tilith, a fairy-like goddess - in order to be taught how to battle enemies.

After winning your first fight, you return back to Elgaia, where this time you end up meeting with Karl - your old childhood friend, now a seasoned Demon Slayer. He shows you the ropes on how to prepare your units to fight, as well as the basics of synthesizing Items for use in combat.

Later on you have a second encounter with Tilith, where she teaches you why your units' elements have advantages and disadvantages and explains to you how their special attacks - called Brave Bursts - work, via another battle.

When you win the second fight and return back to Elgaia once more, Karl appears again and explains that he will need to go to deal with a monster in Morgan, the next area ahead in the land of Mistral. Before he leaves, he gives you 5 Gems as a parting gift for you to spend on summoning a unit from the Rare Summon Gate to compliment your starting squad.

After this point, your adventure truly begins.


St. Lamia

Egor Mountains

Sometime after defeating the Fallen Creator Maxwell in St. Lamia, you revisit Mistral and establish communications with Lin Merylham near the Egor Mountains. She is an ally of the Summoner's Hall who hails from the Logistic Support team from the Grand Gaia Survey Office Bureau of Investigation.

Her team was supposed to have investigated the area, but the process was delayed due to the late Maxwell's former tight control on the region. Upon knowing about your involvement in beating Maxwell, she had noted that their research accelerated at an amazing pace thanks to you and thus has requested for your assistance.

According to their research, Skramya, an ice demon, may have been sealed deep within the area. She is said to have the power to destroy a nation, and is also the one who destroyed one of the smaller countries surrounding the St. Lamia kingdom, while the rest of them were obliterated during the War of the Gods. Lin then requests for you to slay the ice demon, wishing you luck as she feels concerned about her being a threat.

After you defeat Skramya, Lin re-establishes communications with you and tells you that she has received new information about the nation which she destroyed. It is revealed that the country tried to use her power, only to have angered her and suffered her full wrath in return. But the ice demon's anger didn't stop there as she tried to take it out on the other nations.

Fortunately, an unknown hero - later revealed to be Orna - successfully sealed her in place. Since then, Skramya has rested within the Egor Mountains without disturbance.

Until you report you killed her that is, to the surprise of Lin.



Meanwhile, in the Imperial Capital Randall, while you successfully win a battle against Thunder King Eze in the Asekutt Wastelands in Morgan, an Imperial Guardsman named Eriole has received news about the Akras Summoner's Hall taking control of Mistral's southern region, and becomes immediately concerned.

He instructs his fellow Imperial Guardswoman underling, named Paris, to head into Cordelica to keep track on any more emerging developments that could happen there, while he reassures her he will answer to the Emperor for making her suddenly drop her duties in her place.

After she leaves, Eriole takes on a sinister look as he discusses and stirs up an unsettling-sounding plan one-sidedly with a then-appeared masked "Dark Figure", who silently listens as he finishes with a dark laugh.

Ignia Cavern

Sometime after you have defeated Grantos, you meet up with Lin again when you revisit the land of Cordelica. She reintroduces herself to you as a formality and then lays out the specifics of her second request on you.

This time, she requests you to take down a slimy monster (which greatly grosses Lin out due of its appearance) that has awakened from slumber deep within Ignia Falls because of the earthquake that was caused while you fought the last Giant.

After a long fight, you eventually defeat the appropriately named Grand Jelly. Lin then receives an intel update about the monster - it is revealed that it had been kept by the Giants for it to take care of their garbage, but however it eventually grew too big to be controlled, and thus the Giants left it to its own devices.

Another unknown hero - later revealed to be Fiora - manages to seal the monster within Ignia Falls to prevent it from causing undue mayhem, with Lin commenting that the hero must have been strong enough to send it into sleep, and wishes you luck as you attempt to kill it.

Again, you surprise Lin by telling her you already killed it.





Valmodora's Nest



Golzo Underground Lake


    Agni Region 




Agni Dungeon

Sometime after you defeated Zevalhua, Lin receives news of a great disappearance of power deep within the Agni Empire's underground caverns. Locating a way to gain access to said caverns, she requests you to investigate the area for the source of the odd phenomena and wishes for you to be careful while she digs up more information about the area.





Elnada Sea Temple



After defeating the last member of the Four Fallen Gods, you and your friends head towards Atharva to confront Eriole. You meet Lucius' other Disciple for the first time - the mysterious "Dark Figure" - over at the Ghost Town Ornea, who cryptically tells you to go towards the Crystal Palace where Eriole's loyal army prepares to battle you.

Throughout the region you fight Paris a few times, as she is willing to defend the Imperial Capital Randall and its cause, but when you battle her at Mt. Granakia, thunder roared from its summit and the entire battlefield was suddenly about to be buried in a landslide, causing you, your friends, and Paris to stop fighting and flee to safety.

It later turns out that Tesla, the one who you met earlier at the Ekmet River, was responsible for the disaster at Mt. Granakia, planning to dispose of even Paris and your allies. Shaken by the revelation but wanting to find out the truth for herself, Paris then decides to accompany your group to the Crystal Palace to personally confront Eriole, and the others are tense because of her presence, leading to some words being exchanged.

There at the Crystal Palace, after you defeat both Eriole and his childhood friend Tesla, he reveals his plan - he wanted to create an ideal utopia with him at its head and to destroy all gods and higher nobles as he feels they are the reason the Randall Empire as a whole is weak and corrupt. He happens to lumps his bodyguard, the "Dark Figure", amongst those he wants destroyed. More questions are raised than answered as Eriole then does his best to continue telling his side of the story.

At the climax of his story however, the "Dark Figure", earlier to have been revealed to be Ark by Eriole's taunt, ambushed the traitorous Imperial Guardsman and wounded him seriously. Tesla manages to save him in time, but is injured herself in the process. Both are unable to protect themselves as Ark approaches them menacingly, weapons drawn while you and your companions can only watch in horror.

Before he gets to finish the job, however, Tilith arrives to tell everyone that they are hereby summoned by Lucius. Eriole warns that your choices in the future will have grave repercussions, and hopes that you know what you are doing as he and Tesla teleport away.

You and the others then decide to meet up with Lucius, to get to the bottom of all the lies, truths, and half-truths you have been tangled up in all along since the start, while Tilith and Ark make their leave, the former reluctantly and the latter ominously.



At first, Tilith warned against going to Lucius and even resisted your movements to meet up with Lucius, fearing your team getting obliterated by him. After confronting her at the Boruk Blazing Dunes, though, she relented and decided to guide you to the Grand Gaia Crater, where Lucius in the flesh himself resides.

Ark, meanwhile, challenged you at the Tower of the Oracle, using the souls of the long dead Gods' Loyalists, and then the souls of the Six Heroes, whom each died because of his actions.

After clearing the challenging trials, Ark then reveals to your group the true history of Grand Gaia... and his reasons why he betrayed humanity in the War of the Gods all those years ago. The truth shocks everyone, and in the end, everyone votes to confront Lucius.

And thus begins a most harrowing journey to the God of the Gates.


Main Story: Ishgria







    Fal Nerga 




Main Story: Otherworlds






    St. Creek 

Side Series

    Unholy Tower 

Knight of Darkness

The Truth and the Cursed Princess

Xenon and Estia: Prologue

     Witch of the Abyss 

Sometime after acquiring Fang, you found your way to Xie'Jing's Lair. There, you meet the witch who abducted Fei, Fang's love interest. Fang then demands of Xie'Jing to return Fei back, but she is challenged to find the witch deep in the lair first.

After you defeat Xie'Jing the first time, she is infuriated to remember that Fang demanded her to return Fei back. Xie'Jing then retreats further back into her lair, warning that she would prepare an more even deadly ambush for the heroes.

Finding and defeating her the second time finally releases Fei from Xie'Jing's curses, and reunited with Fang once more, both take the time to thank you and will now become available as a single unit together - Fei and Fang - if you evolve Fei to her final form by using an evolved Fang alongside other units for evolution.

Later on, Fei and Fang have a kid, Feng, who gets kidnapped by Xie'Jing and is rescued by Long