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Fridge Brilliance

  • What's with Dark Princess Dia's bossiness in her Acquired Quote? In the lore concerning her at that particular rarity level, she realized she was far superior to any normal human mage. It doesn't help that she coped with it through fending the Gods off in the process, after having to clear her late grandmother's name from espionage.
  • How the Six Heroes died. The reason why the Gods' Loyalists faced Heroes whose elements are strong against them? So that Ark could catch each of them off-guard and kill them without much trouble.
    • More like Fridge Tear Jerker than Brilliance, but in the final volumes of the Six Heroes' Grand Gaia Chronicles, all of the Heroes have a stage where they're accompanied by their closest allies... except for Atro. Even the loner Lance and the avenger Magress have allies.
    • To put the Heroes’ power into perspective, Tilith explains in Bariura that the majority of the gods are actually just powerful beings humans mistook them for, and for a mortal human to become a Disciple of the 'true' gods—the Divine Ten—they must have the prerequisite amount of power to become one like Ark did (although he’s the only known case as opposed to other non-human Disciples like the Six Pillars). Recall that the Six Heroes all had a 5-star form with the title “God” in it, as well as being so strong that the humans might have won the war against the gods and Ark had to resort to trickery to kill them. Even if the Six Heroes aren’t born gods, they’ve all but become one in everyone’s eyes.
  • The fact Will's 7-Stars lore states that he was the only human known to have survived the War of the Gods, not counting those who left for Elgaia. This means that all units who had their ultimate fates left unknown before the War of the Gods ended died before that point or another.
  • The ones who ended up in Ishgria didn't fare any better; several named characters were said to have been devoured by the monster Grimoire and many more were killed by the local demons and other such horrors.
  • After retiring from serving under the Holy Emperor, Karna Masta's Disciples named Golzo's land after him. Since the Holy Emperor recruits sacred wolves for their abilities to seal Gods, his Disciples might have at least recognized the Flame Wolf Golzo worshipped.

  • Melchio's Super Brave Burst deals powerful Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder and Light elemental damage to his enemies. Guess what elements Michele and her companions are weak against?
  • The bosses in Beiorg's Beiorg Castle are from the batches that have the other five Six Armors among them. Saviors of Palmyna has Edea's Lafdranya, Ten-Winged Tormentor has Melchio and Duel-GX and Cursed Flame Armor has Vishra and Reeze.
    • Some of the bosses are arranged according to their roles in the group too. Edea, Michele and Reeze are the main leads. Lorand, Zelban and Rashil are their respective group's Team Dad. And without Lilith and Duel-GX, their groups wouldn't ever have met.
  • Of course, the music titled "Land of Giants" plays in Zamburg's Great Giant's Remains. And as the music occasionally plays in several Dark-elemental stages before, it's doubly appropriate.
  • Raydn being the Tier-Induced Scrappy of his batch somehow makes sense when you remember that he's the most recent addition to the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, and thus was still inexperienced and most likely had much to learn from everyone else, especially from Sodis.
  • Why does Grybe suddenly have an infinite Area of Effect variant of Super Brave Burst? So he can counter and stop the rampaging Farlon from killing the rest of his friends, who also happened to have that infinite Super Brave Burst variant as well.
  • Befitting Eze's status as a Dumb Blonde Idiot Hero, his Enhancement options are basically him strengthening himself and empowering the strength of the already great Spark Damage he can deal.
  • Among the Founders of Merith batch, only Vern and Silas have access to Omni Evolution. This is because they had to be better than Lucina and Orna, who were the only 7-Stars Legacy units at their release who provided Mutual Disadvantage buffs, and they also share their respective elements.
  • Feng is best known for her valued ability to revive her fallen allies, which her Enhancement options specializes in. Now, guess what her unit name is?

Fridge Horror

  • The summoned units are the souls of the real beings who died a long time ago. They obey their Summoners, and can unleash their true power if their Summoners allow them. You, the Summoner, are essentially a Necromancer in all but name. Even worse? Most Omni units are hypothetical in nature - their descriptions are basically saying “this is what might have happened if (this unit) hadn’t died or disappeared.” The implication being is that you transformed that unit into something not meant to exist. And the game's universe treats it like it's a good thing.
  • One of Lancia's Acquired Quotes mentions that she can cook anything, including humans like her Summoner. Lancia was said to be able to cook Gods in her Ace Chef form. Most of the Gods we've known have human-like bodies or at the very least resemble humans. With those in mind, it's a good thing that her lore never specified what kind of Gods she cooked to make those legendary dishes.
  • What exactly happens during the Fusion process? Some units express embarrassment, some feel pain and some get so happy as if they have just experienced... something else.
    • And you can fuse literally any units with each other. Humans, demons, monsters, objects...
  • According to Slicing Bolt Raiden's and Sky Mage Rashil's lores, the Atharva Republic was willing to recruit criminals and exiles into their army to bolster their strength against the invading God Army. Just how screwed up were they if they had to resort to enlisting people who were just waiting for their deaths as their Mooks?
  • As shown by Klaus and Isterio, with enough interference, the "Mock Gods" type of unit can retain their original selves' will. The mock units of the Four Fallen Gods and Lucius also happen to be "Mock Gods". Now, imagine if somehow they can do the same...
  • "The End of Empire" Grand Quest, along with Vilanciel's storyline, reveal that Bariura Emperor not only brought Sirius, but also Selvia (the crown princess) and Feleen (the seventh princess) to the region. Now look at Riana, one of their descendants. She doesn't have the same hair color as either Sirius, Selvia or Feleen. But who else in the Bariura Imperial Family had the same hair color as her? Alice, Elza, Melina... and Chrome, the Emperor's brother. It's likely that Chrome's two-toned hair color was a result of gene degeneracy, and it's safe to assume that Alice, Elza and Melina got their hair color from their father. To put it simply: To make Riana possible, Selvia and/or Feleen had to reproduce with not only Sirius, but also their father.
  • Take a good long look at the many ruins of towns and cities you go through across the game. Hard to believe that people used to live in those places, right?