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Trivia / All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder

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  • Development Hell:
    • The series had an erratic shipping schedule even before going on hiatus, with the best that the publishers could do was a bi-monthly streak at one point. From 2005 to 2008, only ten issues launched of what was supposed to be a twelve-issue series.
    • In 2010, DC announced a new series called "Dark Knight: Boy Wonder" that would last six issues and wrap up the series. In October 2015, Frank Miller claims he's just started working on it. According to Jim Lee, the art for the series is complete, DC just won't publish it, the reasons possibly being that Frank Miller attracts all the wrong attention (see Holy Terror) and the editor who originally commissioned Lee and Miller to do the book, Bob Schreck, was fired in 2009, about a year after the last issue came out (and went on to finally edit and publish Holy Terror at Legendary Comics). Although this may have changed, given that not only did he later help write Dark Knight III: The Master Race, but he also was recently revealed to be writing Superman: Year One.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • He is called "The Goddamned Batman" to distinguish him from his mainstream counterpart.
    • "Dick Grayson: Age 12."
    • In his text reviews, Linkara ends up calling this version BINO (Batman In Name Only). In the video review, he decides that even that name is too Battish, and dubs the character "Crazy Steve," a random insane hobo who found a Batman costume and a lottery ticket, allowing him to live out his crazy antics.
    • Later, after seeing Wonder Woman also acting way out of character, he dubs her "Bonkers Betty," who's Crazy Steve's Distaff Counterpart.
    • The series itself being referred to as "ASBAR". Pronounced "ASS-bar". note 
  • Parody Retcon: Miller claims this, but nothing in the comic seems to indicate that.
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  • Schedule Slip: One reason people went after plot points that are supposedly resolved later — this comic's release schedule was abominable. Jim Lee would later blame this on himself, saying all his other commitments delayed the art.
    Protoclown: This monthly comic publishes about three issues a year. You can't rush this kind of quality, folks.


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